(TOOL) (PDF) – First edition of the 2021 Studio manual | Mats Linder

The first edition of the 2021 version of this critically acclaimed, comprehensive manual was published in April 2021, with 643 pages in A4 size, pdf format. It is a manual written for the translator by a translator.

This update includes coverage of the new features in Service Release (SR) 1 of Studio 2021 as well as descriptions of a number of AppStore plugins published since the second edition, in all more than 30 pages of new/revised text since the last 2019 edition.

And while it covers all the new Language Cloud resources that can be accessed from within Studio, it does not cover the features of the online editor introduced with the 2021 release (except for an introduction). That new part of the SDL offerings is so extensive (and still under development) that it requires its own documentation – an upcoming project.

via: www.tradosstudiomanual.com


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