(EN) (PDF) – Black’s Law Dictionary (4th ed. 1968) | Henry Campbell Black, M. A.

The sustained and growing popularity of BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY since its appearance more than seventy five years ago is a strikiig tribute to the scholarship and learning of Henry Campbell Black, and to the essential soundness of the plan adopted by him for the compilation of a legal lexicon.

In accordance with the original plan of this work, consistently adhered to in all subsequent editions, the law student, confronted in his casebooks with reports from the Year Books, or with extracts from Glanvil, Bracton, Littleton, or Coke, will find in this dictionary an unusually complete collection of definitions of terms used in old English, European, and feudal law. The student will also find in this volume, on page 1795, a useful Table of British Regnal Years, listing the sovereigns of England for more than 900 years, together with the date of accession to the throne, and the length of reign.

BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY has proven its value through the years to the busy practitioner, judge and law student who requires quick and convenient access to the meanings of legal terms and phrases found in statutes or judicial opinions, as well as to the special legal meanings of standard English words—meanings which frequently cannot be found in the ordinary English language dictionaries.

PDF file, 1956 pages

via: www.heimatundrecht.de


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