Attract the right audience to your products and services

The Glossarissimo! blog offers you an unique opportunity to put your product, service, information or event in front of people who work in the translation and interpretation industry.

All Time Views
All Time Views


  • Each month our site receives from 30K to 40K pageviews.
  • Due to the nature of our service, nearly all of our visitors are translators and interpreters: advertise for your translation or interpretation related product, service, information or event and be sure to reach your target!
  • Competitive pricing options: prices are fixed per month/year for unlimited viewing and click throughs.
  • The blog design assures your banner is seen on every page of the Glossarissimo! blog: from the first page to the last, our visitors will see your ad.
  • Link straight to your website: our visitors become your customers!

General conditions

Glossarissimo! will only accept ads from companies offering translation and interpretation related quality products, services, events or information (editors, bookstores, event organizers, universities, professional associations, CAT tools developers, etc.). We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Ads & Prices

We serve the following ad types:

  1. Static banner (max. 200 x 200 pixels) ➡️ Cost: € 500,– per month or € 5000,– per year (= 2 months free).
  2. Static banner (max. 200 x 200 pixels), plus extra text which may contain additional links (max. 300 chars without spaces) ➡️ Cost: € 1000,– per month or € 10000,– per year (= 2 months free).

Your banners will be placed on the top part of the sidebar, between the SEARCH and the SOCIAL CLUB widgets. For other positions or in-post advertising, contact us (see below).


Banner (original size)

Banner with extra text

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Contact glossarissimo [at] gmail [dot] com for additional information.