(EN) – Glossary Of Harness Parts & Related Terms | EHI Virtual Museum

“From the apron and backstrap to the noseband every component of the harness has an important function.Knowing what every part does is important.”

Source: www.equineheritagemuseum.com

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(EN) – Glossary of Terms: Towing & Trailer Hitch Terminology | curtmfg.com

Use the letters A-Z to navigate through the glossary of towing and hitch related terminology below. Knowing these terms will help you to better understand towing, wiring, hitches, installation, saftey and more.”

Source: howto.curtmfg.com

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(EN) – Acronyms & Glossary of Radio Frequency Design | icestars.eu

“ICESTARS addresses a series of critical issues or “bottlenecks” in the currently-available infrastructure for the design and simulation of new and highly-complex Radio Frequency (RF) front ends operating beyond 10 and up to 100 GHz. Future systems demand an increasing blend of analogue and digital functionalities. The ICESTARS research will accelerate the chip development process in the extremely high frequency (EHF) range to accomplish future demands for higher capacity channels. The key to enable the realisation of single-chip integration of high-GHz wireless modules is resolving the shortcomings in available design flows.”

Source: www.icestars.eu

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(EN) – Dictionary of slang words | slangwordsdictionary.com

“Online Slang Dictionary”

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(EN) – Glossary of Medical Specialites | qualityoflife.org

“Glossary of Medical Specialites (qualityoflife.org)”

Source: qualityoflife.org

(EN) – Glossary of Medical Credentials | qualityoflife.org

“Glossary of Medical Credentials (Memorial Hospital of South Bend)”

Source: qualityoflife.org

(EN) – Automotive Glossary | automotivett.org

“A high quality blended eLearning system is the future for colleges, schools and training companies. Here at ATT/IMI we are already working with hundreds of providers and making their difficult job easier. Our training solution is the answer to your problems. Because of the help given by many automotive manufacturers and suppliers our system gets better every year. Here is a list and our acknowledgements.”

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