(EN) – A to Z Glossary Of Horse Racing Terms | Cheltenham Betting Offers


If you’ve had a good look around this site then hopefully you’ve learnt some things that you didn’t know before as well as gained a solid all-round idea of how betting on horse racing works. Though the site is primarily aimed at those of you that are hoping to have a flutter on the Cheltenham Festival, it should serve as an all-encompassing reference for anyone that likes to have place a wager on the Sport of Kings.

For that reason we thought we’d add something of a glossary; an A to Z of terms that you’re likely to hear when discussing horse racing. Though we’ll try to make this as definitive as possible, we’ll inevitably miss out some things or deem them to be less relevant than others. If this happens then we apologise, but few lists like this are genuinely exhaustive. We’ll also try to stick to industry standards with different terminology, but sometimes different bookmakers or companies call things by different names. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out what we mean easily enough!

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(EN) – Japanese Gardens Glossary | Bowdoin College


Welcome to the Bowdoin College web site on Japanese gardens, updated on August 27, 2008. We have added a large new section on the individual elements of a Japanese garden, and have updated the bibliography and the section on internet links. For users familiar with the earlier site, this updated version contains the original texts and images together with five additional gardens, bringing the total to twenty-nine.

The web site is dedicated to the gardens of Japan, and primarily to the historic gardens of Kyoto and its environs, including Nara. In this updated version, we have also included the Kenroku-en in Kanazawa as an example of the ambitious designs of the Tokugawa daimyo.

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(EN) – Glossary of Japanese Green Tea Terms | The Art of Japanese Green Tea


This glossary was originally created by Sherubtse, who is a veteran user of our forum. Please note that in a continuing effort to improve this article, more images will be added at a later time.

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(JA) (EN) – Glossary of Japanese real estate terms: keywords for renting an apartment | Jeff Wynkoop


The following is a list of important real estate terms for renting an apartment in Japan.

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(EN) – Sushi Glossary | The World-Wide Sushi Reference


This page contains a list of some sushi-related words and phrases which you might find on this site or in a sushi bar.

  • General sushi vocabulary
  • Fish
  • Terms about fish
  • Fruit, vegetables & seaweed
  • Spices & seeds
  • Noodles & grains
  • Mushrooms & other fungi
  • Beans & bean products (including tofu)
  • Soups
  • Other food & preparations
  • Other cooking related items
  • Useful phrases

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(DE) – Neue Wörter vom 16.8.2017 | Die Wortwarte

Heute servieren wir Ihnen 41 neue Wörter:

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(DE) – Glossar Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit | BVL


Das Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (BVL) wurde im Jahr 2002 als Zulassungs- und Managementbehörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit und Verbraucherschutz gegründet. Das BVL ist eine eigenständige Bundesoberbehörde im Geschäftsbereich des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft. Es nimmt vielfältige Aufgaben im Bereich der Lebensmittelsicherheit wahr.

In unserem Internet-Auftritt und in vielen unserer Publikationen stoßen Sie auf Fachbegriffe und Fremdwörter, die Ihnen vielleicht nicht so geläufig sind. Einen Großteil der Begriffe haben wir hier aufgeführt.

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(EN) – New words: 21 August 2017 | Cambridge Dictionary


Welcome to About Words, a blog from Cambridge Dictionaries Online. We publish posts discussing different features of the English language, as well as dictionary entries for words and phrases that are new to English or that have new meanings. We hope you enjoy the blog, and that you’ll post your own comments and vote on the new words. Keep checking back here over the weeks for a fascinating range of posts.

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(EN) – Massage Chair Glossary | Massage Chair Store


Need help figuring out which massage chair features are right for you? Check out these definitions of common massage chair terms that will help you compare models and find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Massage Chair Store recognizes that purchasing a massage chair is a significant investment, and we agree that it should not be taken lightly. We also know that you are going to put a lot of thought into the right massage chair, so we will work hard to help you understand why purchasing a massage chair may be the best decision you have ever made.

First and foremost, when buying a massage chair, it is important to consider the overall cost. When you factor in the cost of trips to a massage therapist or a masseuse, you could be looking at anywhere from $50 to $300+ an hour. To achieve the same therapeutic benefits as a daily session in a chair, you would require multiple visits a month. Factoring in the rising gas prices and inconvenience of driving to and from, the return on investment is generally within a year of your purchase.

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(EN) – Our Mattress Glossary | Our Sleep Guide


Finding a new mattress can be difficult enough. Not knowing the technical and insider terms can make it that much more frustrating. That is why we feel it is important to have a resource that gives you the inside scoop on what all these descriptions, terms and attributes mean.

Below is a list comprised of words and terms commonly used when describing and explaining mattresses and their features. It is organized alphabetically and it should help you navigate the world of mattress hunting a little easier.

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(EN) (PDF) – Guidelines for ATC classification and DDD assignment 2017 | WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Statistics Methodology


The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system and the Defined Daily Dose (DDD) as a measuring unit are recommended by the WHO for drug utilization studies. The system is widely used internationally and the number of users is increasing. The purpose of preparing guidelines is to make information about the ATC/DDD system available to the users.

The members of the WHO International Working Group for Drug Statistics Methodology have given expert advice and comments on the work with these guidelines.

This edition of the Guidelines for ATC classification and DDD assignment is based on the ATC classification index with DDDs valid from January 2017.

The guidelines consist of a general part including information about the procedures and data requirements for ATC/DDD assignment and alterations. The second part of the publication, the interpretative guidelines, describes the different ATC levels down to the 4th level. These guidelines should be consulted whenever the ATC/DDD system is used for drug utilization research. They describe particular issues, which have been discussed and resolved by consensus of the Working Group.

The Guidelines and the ATC index with DDDs are updated annually. Both publications can be ordered as paper copies (English or Spanish versions) from the Centre (order form, see Annex II). A pdf document of the Guidelines and a searchable version of the ATC/DDD index linked to the text from the Guidelines are available on the website http://www.whocc.no (ATC/DDD index).

PDF file, 291 pages

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(IT) – Area riservata al Regolamento REACH | Ministero dell’Ambiente


Direzione Generale per le Valutazioni e le Autorizzazioni ambientali

Divisione IV: Valutazione e riduzione dei rischi derivanti da prodotti chimici e organismi geneticamente modificati

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(IT) – Area riservata al Regolamento REACH | Ministero della Salute


Area del sito del Ministero della Salute riservata al Regolamento REACH. Area del sito dell’Autorità competente a livello nazionale nella gestione del Regolamento stesso.

Le informazioni raccolte riguardano:

  • Il Regolamento: normativa il cui acronimo in italiano significa “registrazione, la valutazione, l’autorizzazione e la restrizione delle sostanze chimiche”, facente capo al regolamento Regolamento (CE) n. 1907/2006.
  • Il ruolo del Ministero: il Ministero della Salute è stato individuato quale autorità nazionale competente sul regolamento Reach e opera in intesa con il Ministero dell’ambiente e della tutela del territorio e del mare, il Ministero dello sviluppo economico e il Dipartimento per le politiche comunitarie della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, coordinandosi con le Regioni e Province Autonome.
  • Linee guida: una lista di documenti che forniscono informazioni su tutti gli adempimenti previsti dal Reach, registrazione, condivisione dei dati, intermedi, fascicolo allegato XV, identificazione e denominazione sostanze.
  • Agenzia europea sostanze chimiche Echa.
  • Piano nazionale di vigilanza elaborato su indicazioni Echaed europee, attuato dopo Accordo Stato Regioni del 29 ottobre 2009,  comitato interministeriale istituito da Decreto 4 dicembre 2008.
  • Schede di Sicurezza: le Safety Data Sheet (SDS) che devono contenere le informazioni fisico-chimiche-tossicologiche delle sostanze al fine di garantire una sicura manipolazione e gestione. La banca datidei modelli di SDS.

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(CAT) – Iris Optical Character Recognition | Paul Filkin


I’m back on the topic of PDF support! I have written about this a few times in the past with “I thought Studio could handle a PDF?” and “Handling PDFs… is there a best way?“, and this could give people the impression I’m a fan of translating PDF files. But I’m not! If I was asked to handle PDF files for translation I’d do everything I could to get hold of the original source file that was used to create the PDF because this is always going to be a better solution. But the reality of life for many translators is that getting the original source file is not always an option. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the FIT Conference in Brisbane a few weeks ago and I was surprised at how many freelance translators and agencies I met dealt with large volumes of PDF files from all over the world, often coming from hospitals where the content was a mixture of typed and handwritten material, and almost always on a 24-hr turnaround. The process of dealing with these files is really tricky and normally involves using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software such as Abbyy Finereader to get the content into Microsoft Word and then a tidy up exercise in Word. All of this takes so long it’s sometimes easier to just recreate the files in Word and translate them as…

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(MULTI) – IATE Term of the Week: organic food | TermCoord


Deciding what to eat is part of our daily routine but making a decision can be difficult and depends on different factors such as economic, social, physical and personal. Statistics say that, despite the economic crisis, more consumers prefer organic food even if it is “more expensive than conventional ingredients” (Katsarova, p.2). Last June, the European Parliament and the European Council agreed on new rules regarding organic food in order to “increase consumer trust in organic foodstuffs” and encourage more farmers to produce organic food (European Parliament, 2017). Therefore, the term organic food has been chosen as this week’s IATE Term of the Week.

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(EN) – Complete Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang | Garrick Stanford


Yes, cockney rhyming slang is a foreign language to most people, so I thought I’d let you in on the secret and help non-cockneys translate some of our favourite London sayings. Welcome to my Complete Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang!

Check out the full list of cockney rhyming slang phrases below

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(IT) (PDF) – CARTA DI TORINO: glossario dei termini | Automotoclub Storico Italiano


Questo Glossario mira a definire i termini utilizzati nella Carta di Torino per la conservazione e il trattamento dei veicoli storici.

Esso cerca di armonizzare, dove possibile, i diversi termini utilizzati nel campo dei veicoli storici, ad esempio nel Codice Tecnico FIVA, e i termini professionali per la descrizione e il trattamento dei beni culturali utilizzati a partire dagli anni ’60.

Ciò include importanti riferimenti, compresi i termini stabiliti nella legislazione internazionale in merito ai beni culturali, nei seguenti documenti:

  • La Carta di Venezia
  • Lo Standard Europeo DIN EN 15898: 2011-2012 (conservazione della proprietà culturale, termini generali e definizioni), dove appropriato;
  • Il vocabolario professionale utilizzato dall’ICOM (Consiglio Internazionale dei Musei) e dal Comitato per la Conservazione ICOM.

Si veda anche la nota UNESCO sulla lista dei beni culturali e dei servizi.

La Carta costituisce anche la base della strategia FIVA per sviluppare relazioni con altre organizzazioni per il patrimonio, compreso il Comitato Internazionale per la Conservazione del Patrimonio Industriale (TICCIH) e le sezioni competenti dell’Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite per l’Educazione, la Scienza e la Cultura (UNESCO). L’obiettivo è quello di ottenere un riconoscimento per la FIVA in quanto organo di riferimento per il patrimonio e la cultura dei veicoli storici.

PDF file, 8 pages

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(IT) (PDF) – Carta di Torino ratificata dall’assemblea generale FIVA a Monaco il 27.10.2012 | Automotoclub Storico Italiano


La Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) è la federazione mondiale dei club di veicoli storici. Sostiene e incoraggia la preservazione (che nel testo inglese è distinta da conservazione) e l’uso responsabile dei veicoli storici in quanto parte del nostro patrimonio tecnico e culturale.

I veicoli storici sono significativi in quanto mezzi di trasporto, in quanto testimoni delle loro origini storiche, dello stato dell’arte tecnica del loro periodo e, ultimo ma non meno importante, per il loro impatto sulla società.

L’ambito di questa Carta include i veicoli terrestri a propulsione meccanica e non su rotaia. Un veicolo viene considerato storico se corrisponde alla Carta e alle definizioni FIVA applicabili.

La Carta può anche includere edifici e artefatti correlati ai veicoli storici e al loro periodo di utilizzo, quali fabbriche, stazioni di rifornimento , strade o piste di velocità.

Per molti anni i proprietari di veicoli storici, i curatori di collezioni di veicoli storici e i restauratori di veicoli storici sono riusciti a salvaguardare, preservare e mantenere i veicoli storici in attività.

Questa Carta è stata approvata dalla FIVA per fornire una guida per le decisioni e i trattamenti connessi ai veicoli storici. La Carta di Torino riunisce i principi guida per l’uso, la manutenzione, la conservazione, il restauro e la riparazione dei veicoli storici.

Questa Carta si basa e trae ispirazione dalla Carta di Venezia (1964) dell’UNESCO, dalla Carta di Barcellona (2003, per le imbarcazioni storiche) e dalla Carta di Riga (2005, per i veicoli storici su rotaia).

PDF file, 6 pages

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(DE) – Das Eierglossar | Zentralverband der Deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft e.V


Fast jeder hat sie stets im Kühlschrank: Frische Eier. Kein Wunder, denn sie bereichern den Speiseplan, bieten immer neue kulinarische Überraschungen und sind schnell und unkompliziert in der Zubereitung. Ob hart oder weich gekocht, als Spiegel- oder Rührei, frittiert oder pochiert sind sie der Garant für köstlich herzhaften Genuss in der kalten Jahreszeit.
Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit einer leckeren Eier-Tomaten-Pfanne? Einem Hähnchen-Spinat-Toast mit Spiegelei oder einem knackigen Endivien-Salat mit Speck-Eiern? Oder Sie lassen sich eine Zitronengrassuppe mit Chili-Eierstich schmecken und probieren eine Kohlrabi-Kerbel-Suppe mit pochiertem Ei. Weitere Rezepte für herzhaften Genuss mit deutschen Eiern finden Sie in unserer Rezeptdatenbank.

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(EN) – Accounting Glossary | Emily Coltman


FreeAgent launched in 2007, hewn from the frustration that managing company finances was just too damn hard for most small businesses and freelancers. Since then we’ve doggedly stuck to our mantra of demystifying accounting and redefining the relationship people have with their finances.

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(EN) (PDF) – Tax us if you can | Tax Justice Network


The associated problems of collapsing tax revenues, capital flight, tax avoidance and evasion and tax competition have emerged as major issues on the global economic agenda. As public concern about the widening divide between the rich and poor escalates, both within and between countries, and the international community comes under increasing pressure to eradicate poverty, not least in the face of deepening crises in many countries, global civil society is paying far greater attention to the rising share of global wealth held in tax havens – or secrecy jurisdictions as we prefer to call them (we use both terms more or less synonymously throughout this briefing paper) – beyond the reach of national tax authorities and the tax dodging that accompanies this phenomenon.

In the space of a decade millions of people have come to realise that secrecy jurisdictions, and the culture of tax abuse they promote, are part of a much deeper problem facing the globalised economy. It is now widely understood that as a result of technological change and capital market liberalisation that allows the free flow of money around the world, rich individuals and multinational corporations (MNCs) can move their money to wherever they wish. Many have relocated their wealth and their profits to offshore secrecy jurisdictions that offer minimal or zero tax rates. This has created enormous problems because, in …

PDF file, 68 pages

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(EN) (PDF) – The language of tax | Financial Secrecy Index


The Financial Secrecy Index ranks jurisdictions according to their secrecy and the scale of their offshore financial activities. A politically neutral ranking, it is a tool for understanding global financial secrecy, tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, and illicit financial flows or capital flight.

The Financial Secrecy Index is released every two years and it was first launched in 2009. The latest Financial Secrecy Index was launched on November 2, 2015. The next Financial Secrecy Index will be released in January 2018.

PDF file, 52 pages

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(EN) – FIFA 18 Glossary and Abbreviations | EA Sports


FIFA 18, the 25th game of the FIFA series, runs one of the industry’s leading game engines, the DICE’s Frostbite Engine, which delivers authentic, true-to-life action, takes players to new football worlds and introduces fans to characters full of depth and emotion in the game.

FIFA 18 glossary is essential for new players and useful to the other ones. There are a lot of specific terms and abbreviations for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The less experienced players may have some problems understanding the meaning of them. That’s why we decided to create the largest FUT 18 glossary with the most popular terms, abbreviations and definitions.

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(EN) – Jewelry Glossary | Zales


The Zales® Jewelers story began in 1924 when Morris (M.B.) Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy opened the first Zales Jewelers retail store in Wichita Falls, Texas. Along with offering high quality merchandise at the lowest prices, the store offered a revolutionary credit plan of “a penny down and a dollar a week” on many higher priced items. This marketing strategy proved to be successful, and, paired with exceptional customer service provided by dedicated employees, led to the jeweler’s expansion to 12 stores across Texas and Oklahoma by 1941.

Over the past 90+ years, Zales grew from a single store selling jewelry, appliances and cameras to a major international jewelry corporation. Zales has expanded to over 700 stores and become one of the largest fine jewelers in retail shopping malls across North America and Puerto Rico.

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(DE) – Medizinische Abkürzungen kompakt | Franz Gerrer


In diesem Kapitel werden medizinische Abkürzungen in alphabetischer Form nur ganz kurz erklärt. Wer mehr wissen will, schlägt bitte zu den einzelnen Begriffen in den anderen Kapiteln dieser Internetseite nach.

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(EN) – Financial Glossary | BankRate


Discover the definition of financial words and phrases in this comprehensive financial dictionary.

Bankrate.com is an independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service. Bankrate is compensated in exchange for featured placement of sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website. This compensation may impact how, where and in what order products appear. Bankrate.com does not include all companies or all available products.

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(TOOL) – Legal certainty in contract translation | Gill Mertens


Translating contracts is one of the more lucrative areas of commercial legal translation practice. Yet the act of translating a contract throws up potential issues of legal uncertainty that should be highlighted to clients – pitfalls that are often not initially obvious to the clients, or even to their lawyers.

The translator distils and crafts the concepts and languages of source jurisdiction A and source language A into target language B. You will notice that I omitted to mention jurisdiction B, but that was intentional. By way of illustration, a contract drafted in German in an environment where contractual terms are drafted in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany cannot simply be ‘translated’ into an English contract that can be properly interpreted with legal certainty under the laws of England and Wales.

That is not what a professional legal translator does – in the example above, they will transpose the terms of art and legal concepts of a German contract into an understandable form of English. If the source text were an Austrian or Swiss contract also written in German, then the target text in English may well look rather different. And the translated text itself will not …

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(ES) (PT) (EN) (PDF) – Style Guides | CCAPS


Style guides can add an extra layer of consistency to our translations. Similar to a brand book, the style guide will make sure that every choice regarding our customer’s materials will be reflected in the translated pieces. Ccaps provides our customers a standard style guide for our three main languages for free. The Ccaps Style Guides contain our linguistic preferences for a number of localization issues, such as how to deal with acronyms, metrics and currencies, capitalization in titles, blacklist of words to avoid etc. All our resources are familiar with the Ccaps Style Guides and understand that the guidelines provided here should be used when there are no customer reference materials.

  1. Style Guide for translations into English (in English)
  2. Style Guide for translations into Brazilian Portuguese (in English)
  3. Style Guide for translations into Latin American Spanish (in Spanish)
  4. Style Guide for translations into Brazilian Portuguese (in Portuguese)

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(EN) – Glossary of terms used by frequent flyers and travellers | Flyertalk


Above is our growing glossary of terms used by frequent flyers and travelers alike. This list was inspired, in part, by a member of the FlyerTalk community who wrote to us about deciphering the comically absurd lingo of the frequent traveler.

Please enjoy our listing of terms related to frequent flying and general travel. Whether you’re new to the whole miles and points world, or a seasoned veteran looking to improve your travel vocabulary, we hope you find this list informative and fun.

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(EN) – Health and Welfare Glossary | AIHW


METeOR is Australia’s repository for national metadata standards for the health, community services and housing assistance sectors. The system was developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to replace the previous repository, the Knowledgebase.

METeOR provides users with a suite of features and tools. These include online access to a wide range of nationally endorsed data definitions and tools for creating new definitions based on existing already-endorsed components. It has a strong focus on providing comprehensive user support and assistance.

From a technical viewpoint METeOR operates as a metadata registry. This means METeOR is a system or application where metadata is stored, managed and disseminated. The registry aspects of METeOR have been based on the international standard for metadata registry – ISO/IEC 11179 – released in 2003.

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