(MULTI) – Divorce | TermCoord


Following the announcement of the split of a very high-profile couple, which has generated quite a bit of media attention over the last few days, this week’s IATE Term of the Week is divorce.

The word stems from the Latin divortium, based ondivertere, which became divorce in French and then later incorporated into English. Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or another competent body. A divorce is …

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(EL) (PDF) – Ενδομυελική ήλωση | Γεώργιος Αναστόπουλος


Οι πρώτες προσπάθειες εσωτερικής οστεοσύνθεσης μηριαίου με ενδαυλική ήλωση έγιναν κατά τον 18ο αιώνα από τους Nikolaysen 1897 και Stimson 18832 Chadler 19961. Ακολούθησε στις αρχές του 20ου αιώνα και κατά τη διαρκεια του 1ου παγκοσμίου πολέμου ο Hey-Groves. Η προσπάθεια αυτή δεν είχε την αναμενόμενη επιτυχία πιθανόν λόγω της έλλειψης εκείνη την εποχή, κατάλληλων υλικών. Hey-Groves 1918, Christie et al 19883,4. Η πρώτη επιτυχημένη προσπάθεια χρήσης ενδομυελικών ενθεμάτων (ράβδοι Rush) για τη θεραπεία καταγμάτων αποδίδεται στους αδερφούς Rush κατά τα τέλη της
δεκαετίας του ’30. Rush & Rush 19485. Πατέρας όμως και προπομπός της ενδομυελικής ήλωσης με τη μορφή που έχει σήμερα είναι ο Γερμανός Ορθοπαιδικός Gerhard Kuntscher. Το όνομα του Kuntscher έχει
συνδεθεί με τη σύγχρονη ενδομυελική ήλωση. Η ενδομυελική ήλωση δέχτηκε πολλές βελτιώσεις και αποτέλεσε ερευνητικό πεδίο για πολλούς Ορθοπαιδικούς όπως ο Klemm, ο Grosse, ο Kempf, ο Winquist, ο
Brumback και άλλοι. Σήμερα η ενδομυελική ήλωση αποτελεί την μέθοδο εκλογής για την θεραπεία των καταγμάτων διάφυσης των μακρών οστών, οι …

PDF file, 140 pages

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(EL) (PDF) – Free e-Books | Ελληνική Εταιρεία Χειρουργικής Ορθοπαιδικής & Τραυματολογίας


Ελληνική Εταιρεία Χειρουργικής Ορθοπαιδικής & Τραυματολογίας
Βραβείο Ακαδημίας Αθηνών 2004

Η ΕΕΧΟΤ είναι ένα επιστημονικό, εκπαιδευτικό, μη κερδοσκοπικό σωματείο
με σκοπό την προαγωγή της Ορθοπαιδικής και Τραυματολογίας στην Ελλάδα.
Ειδικότερα οι σκοποί της εταιρείας είναι :

  • Η συνεχής βελτίωση της μεταπτυχιακής εκπαίδευσης των ορθοπαιδικών
  • διαρκής εκπαίδευση και μετεκπαίδευση των μελών της
  • Η ανάπτυξη της επικοινωνίας ανάμεσα σε Έλληνες και ξένους ορθοπαιδικούς, πράγμα που έχει ιδιαίτερα ευνοϊκή επίδραση στην πρόοδο της ειδικότητας
  • Η προαγωγή της ειδικότητας με στόχο την καλύτερη περίθαλψη του Ελληνικού λαού.

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In its first edition, the Glossary of Real Estate Industry Terms provides commonly used real estate and finance terms in English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Additionally, the glossary differentiates between formal Spanish and their colloquial translations, which is often the more used of the two terms by real estate professionals and their clientele.

PDF file, 94 pages

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(EN) – Glossary of Holidays and Seasons | bates.edu


Whether you are looking for a community where your deepest questions matter, a place to explore practices that help you be open, or a trusted group of friends who are making a tradition their own, you will find welcome and connection through the Multifaith Chaplaincy

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(EN) – Diamond Guide & Diamond Glossary | buschjewelry.com


Knowledge of diamonds will bring you to further questions and make you inquisitive about the various terminologies associated with diamonds and its jewelry. To quench this thirst of knowing more, you can visit our Diamond Glossary.

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(EN) – Complete Glossary of Binocular Features and Terminology | targettamers.com


To make your best binocular buy yet, you’ve got to be able to comprehend all the jargon. If you’re a youngin’ and you’re jumping in head first into binoculars, then here’s a glossary that just barely scratches the surface. But, if you’ve been using binoculars for longer than these youngin’s have been alive, then I guess this is just a refresher for you.

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(RU) (EN) (€) – Amazon.com: Dictionary of American Criminal Law | Marina Braun & Galina Clothier


This English-Russian legal dictionary covers the most frequently used criminal law terminology and court-related words and expressions. The terms are listed with Russian equivalents, definitions, and examples of usage in English with Russian translation. The appendix includes up-to-date samples of court documents translated into Russian. This reference will be useful for American-Russian cross-cultural communication involving legal matters, especially criminal law.

The demand for a reliable and up-to-date English-Russian legal reference has become evident since the end of the Cold War, which has led to extensive ties with the former Soviet Union in various areas. Particularly, criminal law needs references that bridge cross-cultural communication in the legal arena. The dictionary covers most frequently used legal terms, primarily from …

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(RU) – Новый препарат — что делать? | Екатерина Чашникова


Более 70% российского фармацевтического рынка занимают дженерики, и это хорошо для переводчика: найти информацию о большинстве препаратов легко. Но попадаются ведь и совсем новые препараты — как разобраться в терминологии?

Весной на экзамене по фармакологии в Школе студенты переводили выдержки из инструкции к обетихолевой кислоте (препарат Ocaliva), про которую в рунете написано совсем мало. Давайте на примере этого текста посмотрим, где …

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(DE) – Neue Wörter vom 14.9.2016 | wortwarte.de

Heute servieren wir Ihnen 11 neue Wörter:

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(CA) – Neolosfera: climatitzador | neolosfera.wordpress.com

“Aquest blog està dedicat al recull i presentació de neologismes, que el Diccionari de la llengua catalana de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans defineix com “unitats lèxiques noves, formalment o semànticament, creades en una llengua per les pròpies regles de formació de mots o manllevades a una altra llengua”. Així, cada entrada del blog es correspon a una paraula nova, en el sentit que encara no es troba recollida als diccionaris de referència o que hi apareix marcada formalment com a neologisme.”

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(CAT) – correcting autocorrect! | Paul Filkin


Wow… how time flies!  Over three years ago I wrote an article calledAutoCorrect… for everything! which explained how to use AutoHotkey so you had a similar functionality to Microsoft Word for autocorrect, except it worked in all your windows applications.  This was, and still is, pretty cool I think and I still use autohotkey today for many things, and not just autocorrect.  Since writing that article we released Studio 2015, and in …

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(ES) (EN) – Léxico Jurídico | Rebecca Jowers


As a Spanish-English legal translator and teacher of legal English, I have created this blog as a meeting place for legal translators, interpreters, lawyers and law professors for whom Spanish-English legal terminology is an essential element of their professional activities. Some of the areas I hope to explore include:

  • ES-EN legal terminology
  • Legal English for Spanish-speakers
  • False friends
  • Multiple meanings
  • Confusing terms
  • Common words with uncommon legal meanings
  • Expressing civil law concepts in common law terms
  • Español jurídico
  • Latinismos
  • Mistranslations?
  • Terminology sources

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(AR) (EN) (PDF) – Contracts Arabia, The First Arabic, English Contracts Resource Website | contractsarabia.com


ContractsArabia provides quick and easy access to the actual agreements used in transactions covering all industries. Our database of agreements provides competitive intelligence and reference terms for business professionals or lawyers negotiating a deal or drafting an agreement covering various of types of transactions such as employment agreements, technology licensing agreements, financing agreements and many more.

ما هو كونتركس أرابيا:
يوفر كونتركس أرابيا الوصول السريع والسهل إلى الاتفاقات الفعلية المستخدمة في المعاملات التي تغطي جميع الصناعات. لدينا قاعدة بيانات للاتفاقيات يوفر المعلومات الاستخباراتية لمساعدة رجال الأعمال أو المحامين للتفاوض على اتفاق أو صياغة اتفاق يغطي مختلف أنواع المعاملات مثل اتفاقات العمل واتفاقات ترخيص التكنولوجيا ، واتفاقات التمويل وغيرها الكثير.

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(EL) – Λεξικό windsurf | surfsail.gr


Σχολή εκμάθησης Windsurf

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(MULTI) – Bibliotheca Polyglotta | uio.no


The Bibliotheca Polyglotta (BP) is a multilingual corpus of historically important texts. As such it is a resource to access the global history of concepts as displayed in a number of languages, and it demonstrates how concepts diffuse historically into new languages, and thus into new cultural contexts.

The BP is in a phase of being constructed, and contains so far the following libraries:

  • The Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae (TLB) contains a number of Buddhist multilingual texts (Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan, English, etc.). The TLB was the first library to be established under the project;
  • Biblia contains the Biblical Books of the Old Testament in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, and the complete New Testament in Greek, Latin, English, etc. More versions will be added with time;
  • Arabic Texts contains a multilingual Quran, so far in Arabic, English and Chinese, but Latin, Urdu, etc., are planned;
  • The Bibliotheca Polyglotta Graeca (BPG) contains the Greek literature of antiquity. So far it contains the Categories of Aristotle in Greek, Latin, Arabic, English, and Althochdeutsch, as well as Analytica PosterioraEuclid and the Hippocratic Oath. The Timaeus of Plato is under its way with input of Greek, Latin (Cicero, Calchidius and Ficino), English, and German, also under development are the multilingual HermeneuticsPrior AnalyticsRhetorics and more. The Mystical Theology (Greek, Latin, Syriac, Arabic, English) of Dionysius Areopagita is in place in the BPG;
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is integrated as a distinct library, planned also to contain more resources on this document;
  • The Multilingual Ibsen (MI) makes available the numerous translations made of Henrik Ibsen’s plays;
  • Sanskrit-Persica will contain literature translated from Sanskrit into Persian, and from Persian into other languages.

Another important and very influential multilingual is the Communist Manifest, soon to be a library on the application.

The texts will be accompanied with a number of resources such as bibliographies, introductions, comments and images of the original manuscripts from where they are edited.

The BP is also being developed as a tool for the publication of critical texts, where the lexicographical resources of the BP is available at the same time as the page mode will give the possibility for the full publication of new critical editions of any texts. These texts can be written out on paper if needed.

The milieus connected with the BP are committed to the principles of Open Access on the Internet, and any resource found on the application may freely be used as long as it does not conflict with exactly those principles. In cases of exceptions to this …

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(EL) (EN) (PDF) – Γλωσσάριο ακτινολογικών όρων / Radiology glossary | Κουμαριανός Δημήτρης

Οδηγός Μελέτης για τις Βασικές Ακτινολογικές Προβολές
Ηεκτέλεση των ακτινογραφιών αποτελεί ίσως το δυσκολότερο αντικείμενο στην κλινική πράξη της Ακτινοτεχνολογίας. Ο νέος Τεχνολόγος Ακτινολόγος έρχεται αντιμέτωπος με έναν τεράστιο αριθμό όρων, εννοιών και απαιτούμενων
δεξιοτήτων που παρουσιάζονται με ταχύ και συνεχόμενο ρυθμό μέσα σε πολύ περιορισμένο χρονικό διάστημα. Σκοπός αυτού του Οδηγού μελέτης είναι να διευκολύνει τη μαθησιακή διαδικασία και να βοηθήσει τον νέο επαγγελματία να
αναπτύξει εύκολα τις κατάλληλες κλινικές δεξιότητες στις βασικές ακτινολογικές προβολές. Ο Οδηγός μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί από φοιτητές ως βοήθημα στη μελέτη της Ακτινογραφικής Ανατομίας και των Προβολών, αλλά και ως ένα εργαλείο
ουσιαστικής ανασκόπησης από επαγγελματίες στον χώρο της Ακτινολογίας. Η μορφοποίηση του υλικού στον Οδηγό μελέτης είναι προσαρμοσμένη …

PDF file, 340 pages

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(FR) – Lexique de toit | terrealcouverture.com


Une noue, un abergement, un coyau..les mots qu’il faut connaître pour comprendre et discuter un devis.

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(DE) – Deutscher Wortschatz | uni-leipzig.de

Die Daten werden aus sorgfältig ausgewählten öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen automatisch erhoben. Die Beispielsätze werden automatisch ausgewählt und stellen keine Meinungsäußerung des Projektes Deutscher Wortschatz dar. Für die darin enthaltenen Inhalte und Meinungen sind ausschließlich die Autoren verantwortlich. Auch ohne besondere Kennzeichnung unterliegen im Wortschatz wiedergegebene Marken wie Gebrauchsnamen, Handelsnamen, Warenbezeichnungen usw. den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen. Die synonyme Verwendung eines Trademarks beschreibt nicht notwendigerweise produktspezifische Eigenschaften sondern kennzeichnet stattdessen die Verwendung des Begriffs im allgemeinsprachlichen Kontext.

Die tagesaktuellen Begriffe. Ausgewählt aus Tageszeitungen und Newsdiensten. Täglich um 7 Uhr früh. Seit April 2002. Jetzt auch als RSS 2.0! 

Das neue internationale Wortschatzportal bietet erweiterte Zugriffsmöglichkeiten auf die Korpora der Leipzig Corpora Collection (LCC). Derzeit stehen mehr als 230 Korpora in über 200 Sprachen zur Verfügung. Das Portal wird kontinuierlich weiter entwickelt und um neue Ressourcen erweitert.

Auf unserem internationalen Wortschatzportal in englischer Sprache können Sie derzeit in Korpora 229 verschiedener Sprachen Wörter nachschlagen.
Dieses Portal wird nicht mehr weiter entwickelt.

Über 100.000 Wörter und Wendungen auf Deutsch und Englisch. Die Besonderheit: Häufigkeitsangaben verraten Ihnen, wie oft die einzelnen Wörter verwendet werden. Seit Januar 2002.

Mit den Webservices ist ein direkter Zugriff auf die Daten des Projektes Deutscher Wortschatz aus einer beliebigen Software heraus möglich.

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(DE) (EN) (PDF) – Glossar wichtiger Marketingbegriffe | uni-goettingen.de


Glossar wichtiger Marketingbegriffe

PDF file, 19 pages

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(IT) (PDF) – Propulsori navali | A. Vega


Le navi sono classificate in base al tipo di propulsore di cui sono dotate. Nella classificazione delle navi si fa una differenza tra:

  • navi o imbarcazioni a remi
  • navi o imbarcazioni a vela
  • navi o imbarcazioni a motore.

Queste ultime vengono a loro volta suddivise in navi o imbarcazioni entrobordo o fuoribordo, asseconda che il motore sia sistemato nello scafo o al di fuori di esso. Le grandi navi da traffico, i motopescherecci ed i grossi yacht hanno sistemazioni del tipo entrobordo con motori solitamente a ciclo diesel. Ovviamente esistono svariati tipi di motori, ma qui intendiamo occuparci esclusivamente dei propulsori e non …

PDF file, 15 pages

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(DE) (€) – Lexikon Qualitätsmanagement | Walter de Gruyter


Hans-Dieter Zollondz, Michael Ketting, Raimund Pfundtner (Hrsg.)
Lexikon Qualitätsmanagement
Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 2. Aufl. 2016
1336 Seiten, 209,95 Euro
ISBN 978-3-486-58465-3

Das Lexikon bildet den Status quo des Wissens rund um das Qualitätsmanagement ab. Es wendet sich an Praxiker und Wissenschaftler gleichermaßen.

Herausgegeben wurde das Lexikon von dem kürzlich verstorbenen Hans-Dieter Zollondz. Er war Soziologe und Schulungsleiter bei einem Dienstleistungsunternehmen. Michael Ketting ist Ingenieur und Honorarprofessor an der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Raimund Pfundtner war Professor für Bildungswissenschaften an der Fernuniversität Hagen. Zusammen mit den Herausgebern haben 127 Autoren dazu beigetragen, die Inhalte aufzubereiten.

Dabei werden die vielfältigen Facetten des Qualitätsbegriffs und seine Anwendung in der Managementlehre abgebildet. Die aktuellen Systeme des Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagements werden behandelt. Darüber hinaus geht es um Themengebiete, die über das an den ISO-Normen orientierte Qualitätsmanagement hinausgehen. So kann sich der Leser über Big Data,Industrie 4.0, Corporate Governance und ganzheitliche Produktionssysteme ebenso informieren wie über das …

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(RU) – Словарно-энциклопедический сайт | А. Плуцер-Сарно


Перед вами научный сайт о русской обсценной лексике, фразеологии, о русских жаргонах и о словарях. Ценный ресурс сайта – многотомный “Словарь русского мата” Алексея Плуцера-Сарно. На сайте также в полном объеме опубликованы редкие источники словаря, и в частности – обсценный (матерный) пародийный фольклор. Любители порнографии не найдут на этом сайте ничего интересного – здесь представлена лишь народная смеховая культура. Сайт открыт 6 апреля 2005 г. Автор приносит свои извинения за недоработки дизайна, недостаток гиперссылок и тому подобное. Проблема в том, что автор сам является и редакторрм и дизайнером данного сайта. Также на сайте хорошо представлены литературные источники словаря, то есть русская матерная литература последних трех с половиной веков от Баркова и до Лимонова, за исключением работ самого автора данного сайта, Алексея Плуцера-Сарно, матерные экзерсисы которого можно найти в его блоге. К примеру, “Скаска пра Валшебную Писдрону Залатое Донышка, у каторой были ноги ат ушей, сиськи до кален, манда шири шапки, а жопа …

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(EN) – New words: 19 September 2016 | cambridge.org

Welcome to About Words, a blog from Cambridge Dictionaries Online. We publish posts discussing different features of the English language, as well as dictionary entries for words and phrases that are new to English or that have new meanings. We hope you enjoy the blog, and that you’ll post your own comments and vote on the new words. Keep checking back here over the weeks for a fascinating range of posts.

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(TOOL) – Using Medical Wikis | jonathanbeagley.com

As I mentioned in my post on resources I use for translation and interpreting, Wikipedia plays an important role in my terminology research process, particularly when I’m just trying to get acquainted with a new field or learn about novel technologies. While many are put off by Wikipedia’s collaborative nature and the fact that it can be edited by anyone, the technology behind Wikipedia has enabled us to build easy-to-maintain, collaborative knowledge bases on a variety of topics. With enough time, just about anyone can start their own collaborative knowledge base, known as a wiki, and invite experts to …

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(ES) (EN) – Glosario Atención al cliente: Call Center – Service Desk | servidor-alicante.com


Glosario de términos técnicos relacionados con Atención al cliente (Call Center, Service Desk), en inglés, con su traducción al español y su descripción.

El servicio de atención al cliente o simplemente atención al cliente es el servicio que proporciona una empresa para relacionarse con sus clientes.

Las 2 formas más importantes de su organización son:

  • Call center o centro de atención de llamadas, que es una oficina, unificada o distribuida en diversas localizaciones, donde agentes o ejecutivos de call center, especialmente entrenados, realizan llamadas (llamadas salientes o en inglés, outbound) o reciben llamadas (llamadas entrantes o inbound) desde y/o hacia: clientes (externos o internos), socios comerciales, compañías asociadas u otros.
  • Service desk, Mesa de Ayuda, Help Desk, Ayuda de Escritorio o Mesa de Servicio, que es un conjunto de servicios que ofrece la posibilidad de gestionar y solucionar todas las posibles incidencias de manera integral, junto con la atención de requerimientos relacionados con las TICs (Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones).

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(EN) – Wireless Access Points Glossary of Terms | cisco.com


This article contains the list of terms used in setting up, configuration, and troubleshooting the Cisco Wireless Access Points (WAP).

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(MULTI) – IATE term of the week: non-fossil energy | TermCoord


China and the US, the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, announced jointly on the 3rd of September – on the eve of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province – that they would ratify the Paris global climate agreement.

The Paris agreement is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement. It will only come into force legally after it is ratified by at least 55 countries which produce 55% of global carbon emissions.

Both China and the US commit to continue taking ambitious action to further promote the transition towards green, low-carbon and …

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(CAT) – Two heads are better than one… | Paul Filkin


… and hundreds or thousands of heads are better than two!!

I wrote an article a little while back called “Vote now… or have no say!” which was a follow up to the SDL AppStore competition SDL ran for a few months.  I wanted to remind everyone to go and vote if they wanted to have an opportunity to see an app developed that would be useful for them.  Well the competition is over now and we have a winner, so now we can move onto the task of creating it.

The winning idea from Marta, a Spanish freelance translator, was the “Quick Wordcount” idea and we have encouraged all users to contribute to this so …

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(FR) (DE) (PDF) – Aménagement – Environnement / Raumplanung / Umwelschutz | ofaj.org


Aménagement – Environnement / Raumplanung / Umwelschutz | Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk

PDF file, 30 pages

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