(CA) – Neolosfera: community manager | Observatori de Neologia

“Aquest blog està dedicat al recull i presentació de neologismes, que el Diccionari de la llengua catalana de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans defineix com “unitats lèxiques noves, formalment o semànticament, creades en una llengua per les pròpies regles de formació de mots o manllevades a una altra llengua”. Així, cada entrada del blog es correspon a una paraula nova, en el sentit que encara no es troba recollida als diccionaris de referència o que hi apareix marcada formalment com a neologisme.”

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(DE) – Neue Wörter vom 18.11.2017 | Die Wortwarte

Heute servieren wir Ihnen 38 neue Wörter:

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(DE) – Glossar der Anime- und Manga-Begriffe | Wikipedia


Diese Liste sammelt Begriffe, die für und/ oder in Anime und Manga verwendet werden oder in deren Zusammenhang stehen. Nicht davon betroffen sind allgemeine japanische Wörter und Redeweisen, sowie kulturelle Begriffe (wie zum Beispiel Kawaii, Senpai etc.) und allgemeingültige Begriffe aus dem Bereich Film und Fernsehen.

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(EN) – Corrosion Terminology | NACE International


NACE equips society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.

via NACE International – The Worldwide Corrosion Authority

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(EN) – Collision Repair Glossary | OEM Collision Repair Roundtable, Inc.


The following is a list of collision and insurance terms you probably would not encounter in everyday conversation. However, if you are involved in an accident, they may give you a better understanding of the collision repair process. If a body shop estimator, insurance adjuster or your insurance agent uses a term with which you are not familiar, be sure to ask about it.

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(EN) – Women’s Swimsuit Glossary | Swimsuits Direct


Women’s swimsuit lingo can be a bit confusing to even the most fashion forward fashionista. What does this mean? What kind of style is that? There are so many different types of bathing suit design features that it’s hard to keep them all straight. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of swimwear terms to help you in finding the perfect swimsuit.

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(EN) – Liposuction Glossary | RealSelf


Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures on RealSelf, and is often combined with other surgeries to address stubborn fat and improve contours on the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and cheeks, chin, and neck.

Don’t know the difference between banana rolls and bra rolls? What about love handles and saddlebags? It’s OK, here’s a vocabulary lesson so you can navigate your lipo journey with ease.

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(EN) – Eveningwear Glossary | The Black Tie Guide


The Guide was intended to be a practical tool for the average man which meant there was no point in delving into an ultra formal dress code that in its heyday was reserved for only the most elite members of society and is now virtually abandoned by even those select few. Yet the longer I researched the storybook-like history of evening wear and the more I heard from passionate stalwarts of this tradition, the more I realized that white tie was an integral part of the study of black tie.

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(EN) – Illustrated glossary of wedding dress terms | PreOwned Wedding Dresses


Wedding dresses come in a dizzying amount of options. Here is a glossary of wedding dress terms to help you find the style that’s perfect for you!

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(EN) (PDF) – Common Terms from The World of Fashion | Wiley Online Library


Below is a list of some of the more common terminology used to describe the type and cut of clothing in the world of fashion design.

PDF file, 14 pages

via The Art of Retail Buying – Wiley Online Library

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(EN) – Buddhist Architecture Glossary | ARCHITECTURE OF THE BUDDHIST WORLD


Here’s our short glossary of terms used in the Architecture of Buddhism, particularly focusing on Southeast Asia for now (because SE Asia is the focus of The Golden Lands book which also contains an extensive glossary).

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(EN) – Glossary of Labeling Terminology | Elmark Packaging


Not sure what type of equipment will meet your needs? Maybe you want to know more about the labeling technology on our web site. Below is a list of labeling terminology. Click the term to see the definition.

Types of Printing

Types of Labeling Equipment

via Glossary of Terms – Labeling Equipment, Label Printing, and Case Coding | Elmark Packaging

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(EN) – New words: 20 November 2017 | Cambridge Dictionary


Welcome to About Words, a blog from Cambridge Dictionaries Online. We publish posts discussing different features of the English language, as well as dictionary entries for words and phrases that are new to English or that have new meanings. We hope you enjoy the blog, and that you’ll post your own comments and vote on the new words. Keep checking back here over the weeks for a fascinating range of posts.

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(MULTI) – Traduzioni italiane di testi scritti in lingue dell’Asia orientale | Norman Gobetti


In questo elenco i libri di narrativa dell’Estremo Oriente pubblicati in Italia sono ordinati secondo la lingua in cui sono stati originariamente scritti, per ordine cronologico di nascita dell’autore e per ordine cronologico di pubblicazione in Italia.

Le traduzioni da lingue ponte sono riportate in grassetto; i casi dubbi, ovvero le traduzioni di cui non sono riuscito ad appurare da quale lingua siano state tradotte, sono sottolineati. Quando l’indicazione della lingua è riportata all’interno della parentesi in cui è indicata la collana, ciò significa che si tratta di un’ipotesi, verosimile ma non supportata da indicazioni fornite nel colophon del libro.

Segue, sotto il nome di ciascuna casa editrice, l’elenco delle traduzioni pubblicate da editori tuttora in attività.

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(FR) – Colorimétrie : Appelons les couleurs par leurs noms | Dieu Créa La Femme


Quand je parle maquillage et couleurs, j’aime bien appeler les couleurs par leur nom. C’est plus simple de parler de bleu lavande au lieu de dire un « un ton de bleu pas trop foncé avec une pointe de violet tirant sur le gris bla bla … »

Je vous épargne aussi les nuances trop tirées par les cheveux « – J’ai mis sur ma paupière du orange poil de chameau mélangé à un coloris rose pelure d’oignon et cuisse de nymphe émue … »

Voici quelques données qui peuvent nous servir ( merci Wikipedia ) sur les différentes tonalités et variantes des couleurs. Pour chaque tableau, pensez à cliquer pour agrandir !

  • Les teintes de bleu
  • Les teintes de rose
  • Les teintes de marron et beige
  • Les teintes de orange
  • Les teintes de rouge
  • Les teintes de vert
  • Les teintes de violet
  • Les teintes de gris
  • Les teintes de jaune

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(EN) – Blood Pressure Guidelines | American Heart Association, Inc.

Get the Facts About High Blood Pressure (HBP)

Find out what high blood pressure is and arm yourself with knowledge about this “silent killer” affecting millions of people.


Know Your Numbers

The best way to know if you have high blood pressure is to measure your blood pressure. Learn what your numbers mean and what they mean to your health.


Understand the Symptoms & Risks of HBP

High blood pressure is a largely symptomless disease that often quietly threatens your health. Be aware of the risk factors that could increase your chances of developing high blood pressure.


Learn How HBP Can Harm Your Health

The damage to your blood vessels from undetected or uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, heart failure and other serious health threats.


Make Changes That Matter

You can take control. By making changes that help you prevent or manage high blood pressure, you can live a healthier and possibly even longer life.


Find Tools & Resources

Get all the key high blood pressure tools all in one place. Use these resources to educate and empower yourself on your journey with high blood pressure.

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(MULTI) – IATE Term of the Week: rule of law | TermCoord


This week, the parliamentary session took place in Strasbourg. On the agenda, the Members of the European Parliament discussed, among many other issues, the assassination of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was killed by a car bomb on October 16. The agenda of the MEPs reported the calling into question of the rule of law in Malta, a member of the European Union since 2004. For this reason, rule of law has been chosen as this week’s IATE Term of the Week.

In IATE, the term is defined as the “principle that power should be exercised according to mutually understood rules and procedures that are applicable to all members of a polity, including officers of the state”.

via Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] – European Parliament


(MULTI) (PDF) – Handbook on European Arrest Warrant | European Commission


The European Commission is today releasing a handbook on how to issue and execute European Arrest Warrants (EAWs) as part of its efforts to bring cross-border criminals to justice

More information

  • Handbook

PDF file, 130 pages

via JUST Newsroom – European Commission

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(ES) – Algunas palabras o acepciones usadas en la ingeniería de carreteras y que no están recogidas en la 23ª edición del Diccionario de la Real Academia Española | Miguel Ángel del Val


Recientemente ha aparecido la 23ª edición del Diccionario de la Real Academia Española. Rápidamente se han suscitado discusiones sobre determinadas nuevas entradas que, según algunos, no estarían en consonancia con el lema de la Academia: “Limpia, fija y da esplendor”. Al hilo de esas discusiones llama la atención la ausencia en el Diccionario de términos que, al menos en algunos ámbitos como puede ser el de la ingeniería de carreteras, se utilizan desde hace muchas décadas y que, en general, no están en contradicción con una visión purista de nuestra lengua. Sin ningún ánimo de exhaustividad se recogen a continuación algunos de dichos términos.

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(EN) – Glossary of grammatical terms | Hilde Hasselgård, Per Lysvåg, Stig Johansson


Glossary of grammatical terms used in English Grammar: Theory and Use (2nd edition)

via Hilde Hasselgård’s homepage

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(ES) – Glosario de términos | ARCHIVOS, HISTORIA Y PATRIMONIO


Seguidamente se destacan una serie de sustantivos y conceptos relacionados con la gestión documental electrónica:


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(ES) – ¿Qué elementos componen una red móvil? | Temas Tecnologicos de Interes


En una red móvil hoy en día conviven tres generaciones funcionando simultaneamente y, cada una, con elementos diferentes. Por supuesto hay elementos comunes que permiten que los usuarios puedan conectarse utilizando las diferentes tecnologías pasando de una a otra incluso durante una llamada. Para comenzar vamos a ver un esquema simplificado de una red móvil. No están todos los elementos pero si los más importantes

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(EN) – Learning Resources for Imaging, Spectroscopy & Microscopy | Andor


The Learning Center contains all the information you need to understand why Andor Technology is a world leader in pioneering and manufacturing high performance light measuring solutions. As well as detailed technical information and application notes, this section offers step-by-step tutorials, webinar recordings and product movies. There is also an extensive image and video gallery showcasing the unique research performed by our customers.

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(EN) – Fiber optics glossary | PCMag Digital Group


The following terms were defined with the assistance of Panduit Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wiring and network cabling products (www.panduit.com) and Jeff Hecht, noted optical networking consultant and author.

via PC Magazine Encyclopedia

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(EN) – Gardening Glossary | Gardening Know How


Gardening Know How started out as a small hobby after one gardener, Heather Rhoades, noticed that there were not a lot of friendly, non-intimidating places on the internet for a gardener to go to get information. Certainly there were places to go for information, but sometimes the information was so technical and sometimes the people you asked for help from seemed to be looking down their noses at you. Heather thought it would be a good idea if there was a place where anyone could ask any gardening question and they would get a friendly, easy to understand answer. As she had over two decades of gardening experience, she thought that she could help make a place like that happen.

Heather’s hobby grew quickly. Answers to gardening questions became articles and more and more people came to visit the site looking for answers to the problems and questions they had about their plants. As the site grew, so did the number of people who helped Heather help other gardeners. And every person who writes articles or answers questions for Gardening Know How is a gardener with years of gardening experience.

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(DE) – Aussagepsychologie | Rudolf Sponsel


Willkommen in unserer Internet-Publikation für Allgemeine und Integrative Psychotherapie, Abteilung forensische Psychologie, Bereich Aussagepsychologie

So wie der Bäcker Mehl braucht, ein Tankwart Benzin, der Richter Gesetze, so braucht die AussagepsychologIn für ihre Arbeit – wie der Name schon sagt – Aussagen, sonst kann sie keine Prüfung vornehmen, ob die Gesamtaussage genügend Realkennzeichen enthält, so daß wenigstens erst einmal auf einen subjektiv wahren Erlebnisbericht geschlossen werden darf. Beachten Sie bitte das Wörtchen subjektiv, es ist hier sehr wichtig. AussagepsychologInnen ermitteln nämlich keine objektiven Wahrheitswertungen, das ist Sache des Gerichts, sondern nur subjektive. Auch wenn ein Zeuge subjektiv die Wahrheit sagen mag, so folgt daraus keineswegs, daß seine subjektiv wahre Aussage gleichbedeutend mit den Tatsachen ist. Wenn jemand z.B. nach dem Sternzeichen einer entfernten Verwandten gefragt wird, dann kann dieser Jemand felsenfest überzeugt und subjektiv wahrhaftig aussagen, die Verwandte sei im Zeichen des Stiers geboren und trotzdem kann dies natürlich falsch sein, weil sich der Betreffende irrt.
Der Hauptfeind der Wahrheit, wenn man es nicht gerade mit abgebrühten Ganoven zu tun hat, ist nicht die Lüge, sondern der Irrtum. Bezeichnenderweise hat Prof. Rolf Bender, juristischer Vernehmungs- und Aussageexperte, sein im Strafverteidiger 1982 veröffentlichtes Wirklichkeitsexperiment mit folgendem trefflichen Titel versehen: „Der Irrtum ist der größte Feind der Wahrheitsfindung vor Gericht.”

via Internet Publikation für Allgemeine und Integrative Psychotherapie

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(EN) – GLOSSARY OF CARDIOMYOPATHY TERMS | The SHaRe Cardiomyopathy Registry


The mission of the Sarcomeric Human Cardiomyopathy Registry (SHaRe) is to build a community of cardiovascular geneticists and research-based cardiologists who have in common a profound dedication to helping patients with heritable heart disease.

By collaboratively expanding the knowledge base, SHaRe will generate fresh insights and research initiatives with the ultimate goal of supporting the development of novel therapies where none exist today.

Patients and their families will play an active and critical role in this community, through participation in research, advancing patient advocacy, and increasing community awareness. This partnership is crucial in improving the science and shedding light on the mystery surrounding inherited cardiomyopathies. Together, we will shed light where before there were many shadows.

via Sarcomeric Human Cardiomyopathy Registry (SHaRe)

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(EN) – General Wire Rope Construction | Stren-Flex


Wire rope is a machine composed of a number of precise, moving parts, designed and manufactured to bear a very definite relation to one another. In fact, some wire ropes contain more moving parts than many complicated mechanisms. For example, a 6-strand rope with 49-wire strands laid around an independent wire rope core contains a total of 343 individual wires. All of these wires must work together and move with respect to one another if the rope is to have the flexibility necessary for successful operation.

Wire Rope Reference Information

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(EN) – Terminology concerning steel wire ropes | Frezpol Sp. z o.o.


The Frezpol company is an acclaimed producer of high quality steel wire ropes.

We sell our products to clients all over the world. The key customers are companies dealing with mining, maritime, lifting equipments, construction and many other industries. Steel wire ropes’ production takes place in a plant in Swidnica in Lower Silesia.

The production range includes mainly six-strand steel wire ropes galvanized as well as un-galvanized. Both are produced in compliance with EN and DIN standard. We are also able to make ropes according to the clients’ specifications. Our main aim is to supply clients with a product which will be fully satisfying and characterized by reliability.

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(JA) (EN) – Wim’s Kimono page for Men | Kimono for Men


I am a Dutchman currently living in Holland and married to a lovely Japanese women with the hope of one day spending our days back in Japan.
I have been interested in Kimono’s for a long time, but when i finally bought one, I realized that I didn’t know much about wearing, caring and manners.
This page is my record of searching the web and books for information about Kimono for the male population.

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