(EN) – Medical Billing Glossary | Scripps Health


When you need or receive health care services, you may come across billing or health insurance terms that are unfamiliar. Below you’ll find definitions for many of these words and phrases in our medical billing glossary.

You can also count on Scripps to help you understand the billing and insurance process or read your medical bill. Find answers to frequently asked questions or …

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(EN) – Glossary of climate change acronyms and terms | UNFCCC


The UNFCCC secretariat (UN Climate Change) was established in 1992 when countries adopted the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

With the subsequent adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015, Parties to these three agreements have progressively reaffirmed the secretariat’s role as the United Nations entity tasked with supporting the global response to the threat of climate change.

Since 1995, the secretariat is located in Bonn, Germany.

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(TOOL) (PDF) – Reflexive Translation Studies – Translation as Critical Reflection | Silvia Kadiu


In the past decades, translation studies have increasingly focused on the ethical dimension of translational activity, with an emphasis on reflexivity to assert the role of the researcher in highlighting issues of visibility, creativity and ethics. In Reflexive Translation Studies, Silvia Kadiu investigates the viability of theories that seek to empower translation by making visible its transformative dimension; for example, by championing the visibility of the translating subject, the translator’s right to creativity, the supremacy of human translation or an autonomous study of translation.

Inspired by Derrida’s deconstructive thinking, Kadiu presents practical ways of challenging theories that argue reflexivity is the only way of developing an ethical translation. She questions the capacity of reflexivity to counteract the power relations at play in translation (between minor and dominant languages, for example) and problematises affirmative claims about (self-)knowledge by using translation itself as a process of critical reflection.

In exploring the interaction between form and content, Reflexive Translation Studies promotes the need for an experimental, multi-sensory and intuitive practice, which invites students, scholars and practitioners alike to engage with theory productively and creatively through translation.

PDF file, 194 pages

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(EL) (EN) (PDF) – Glossary of Philosophical Terms | Richard McKirahan


English-Greek Glossary of Philosophical Terms

PDF file, 78 pages

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(EL) (EN) – Γλωσσάρι διοίκησης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού | hrpi


Γλωσσάρι διοίκησης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού

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(EL) – Το ντόπιο λαογραφικό Μεσαρίτικο λεξικό | Cretanlexiko


Το ντόπιο λαογραφικό Μεσαρίτικο λεξικό

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(IT) – Glossario della startup e del venture capital | ICT&Strategy S.r.l.


Il glossario della startup e del venture capital: tutte le parole che devi conoscere per capire questo mondo.

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(DE) – Fahrerassistenzsysteme | Audi MediaCenter


Audi unterstützt den Fahrer mit einem breiten Angebot an Assistenzsystemen – vom Abbiege- über den Parkassistenten bis zur kamerabasierten Verkehrszeichenerkennung. Sie sorgen für mehr Sicherheit, Komfort sowie Effizienz und ebnen den Weg für das pilotierte Fahren.

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Die SWISSDOC-Systematik

  • wird in den drei Landessprachen Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch geführt
  • besteht aus dem Berufsverzeichnis, dem Schultypenverzeichnis und den allgemeinen Themen
  • ist normgebend für die Verortung von Bildungsinformationen in den Dokumentationsstellen der Berufs- und Laufbahnberatung
  • wird zur Klassierung und Verknüpfung der Bildungsangebote auf berufsberatung.ch und der Aus- und Weiterbildungsdatenbank AWD genutzt
  • entwickelt sich laufend weiter und passt sich den neuen Gegebenheiten in der schweizerischen Bildungslandschaft an
  • wird durch das Schweizerische Dienstleistungszentrum Berufsbildung | Berufs-, Studien- und Laufbahnberatung SDBB in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Fachpersonen aus der ganzen Schweiz betreut


La systématique SWISSDOC

  • est trilingue (français, allemand, italien)
  • se compose du répertoire des professions, de celui des formations et des thèmes généraux
  • sert de référence pour le classement de la documentation et des informations qui concernent la formation professionnelle et scolaire
  • est utilisée pour classer et regrouper les filières de formation dans orientation.ch et pour la Base de données des formations BDF
  • se développe continuellement et s’adapte à l’évolution de la formation en Suisse
  • est gérée par le Centre suisse de services Formation professionnelle | orientation professionnelle, universitaire et de carrière CSFO en étroite collaboration avec des spécialistes de toute la Suisse

La classificazione sistematica SWISSDOC

  • è realizzata nelle tre lingue nazionali: italiano, tedesco, francese
  • si compone di tre sistematiche distinte ma fra loro collegate: la classificazione delle formazioni, delle professioni e dei temi generali
  • si caratterizza per il sistema di classificazione decimale, con settori e sottosettori
  • è uno strumento d’aiuto indispensabile per la classificazione e la ricerca del materiale informativo inerente formazioni e professioni
  • è la base per la gestione e la classificazione dei curricoli formativi in orientamento.ch e nella banca dati delle formazioni
  • è stata introdotta fin dal 1978 nell’ambito dell’orientamento scolastico e professionale svizzero
  • è una sistematica dinamica, adattabile alla situazione costantemente in evoluzione nel settore della formazione in Svizzera
  • è costantemente aggiornata per cura del Centro svizzero di servizio Formazione professionale | orientamento professionale, universitario e di carriera CSFO in stretta collaborazione con specialisti di tutta la Svizzera


(CA) – Neolosfera: ciutat santuari | Observatori de Neologia

Aquest blog està dedicat al recull i presentació de neologismes, que el Diccionari de la llengua catalana de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans defineix com “unitats lèxiques noves, formalment o semànticament, creades en una llengua per les pròpies regles de formació de mots o manllevades a una altra llengua”. Així, cada entrada del blog es correspon a una paraula nova, en el sentit que encara no es troba recollida als diccionaris de referència o que hi apareix marcada formalment com a neologisme.

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(EN) – New words: 22 April 2019 | Cambridge Dictionaries Online Blog


Welcome to About Words, a blog from Cambridge Dictionaries Online. We publish posts discussing different features of the English language, as well as dictionary entries for words and phrases that are new to English or that have new meanings. We hope you enjoy the blog, and that you’ll post your own comments and vote on the new words. Keep checking back here over the weeks for a fascinating range of posts.

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(EN) – Payment Methods Glossary of Terms | First Data


Welcome to the ever-evolving world of commerce and payments, condensed into this go-to glossary of core concepts, topical terms, and ambiguous acronyms. Initially released more than a decade ago by First Data, today’s leader in commerce enablement, this updated and expanded glossary is your comprehensive companion to First Data’s “Payments 101,” the definitive primer to help you define the changing way of how we pay for what we want and what we need.

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(EN) – Research Methods Help Guide | FIU


In order to understand, interpret, and analyze the articles you find in library databases, you need at least a basic knowledge of research methods. This LibGuide provides simple definitions and explanations of common research methods concepts, including:

  • Types of Data
  • Types of Research
  • Types of Studies

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(DE) – Kleines Glossar deutscher Rebsorten | food-monitor


Wichtige in Deutschland angebaute rote Rebsorten und ihre geschmacklichen Charakteristika

Wichtige in Deutschland angebaute weiße Rebsorten und ihre geschmacklichen Charakteristika

Nach Angaben des Deutschen Weininstituts werden bei uns fast 140 verschiedene Rebsorten angebaut. Eine größere Marktbedeutung haben davon jedoch lediglich rund 24 Weine, wobei Riesling, Müller-Thurgau sowie Rivaner eine führende Rolle einnehmen.

Grob unterschieden wird zwischen Rot- und Weißweinen. Die Weinanbaufläche wird in Deutschland zu 66% für den Anbau von Weißwein und zu 34% für Rotwein genutzt. Die bedeutendsten Weißweingebiete liegen an Mosel, Saar und Ruwer. Südliche Regionen wie Württemberg und Baden haben vorrangig eine Rotweintradition. Die größten Anbaugebiete liegen in Rheinhessen und in …

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(EL) (PDF) – Η διοισοφάγεια υπερηχοκαρδιογραφία


Η διοισοφάγεια υπερηχοκαρδιογραφία

PDF file, 34 pages

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(EL) – Γλωσσάρι γλαυκώματος | Intermedico Network


Το γλωσσάρι του γλαυκώματος αποτελεί μια προσπάθεια του Εργαστηρίου Γλαυκώματος να προσφέρει μια απλή αλλά απόλυτα επαρκή ερμηνεία κάποιων δυσνόητων ιατρικών όρων που πιθανών έχουν απασχολήσει εσάς ή τα αγαπημένα σας πρόσωπα. Το γλωσσάρι του γλαυκώματος εμπλουτίζεται συνεχώς με καινούργιους όρους.

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(MULTI) (XLS) – Multilingual Motorcycle and Vehicle Tech Terms Translation | Horizons Unlimited


So WHAT IS a cardan? Or an easy out? Or a burr? Or lateral runout? Or an oil slinger? Or a zener diode?
It’s all in the Glossary! (an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge!)

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Korean

Excel file, 150 entries

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(EL) (PDF) – Τι είναι κλινική έρευνα | Μάγδα Τσολάκη


  1. Εισαγωγή
  2. Ορισμός
  3. Είναι σημαντικές οι κλινικές μελέτες;
  4. Φάσεις Κλινικών δοκιμών
  5. Τυχαιοποίηση και τυφλοποίηση
  6. Μεθοδολογία ανάλυσης
  7. Προβλήματα
  8. Βιοηθική

PDF file, 41 pages

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(EL) (EN) – Ιατρική ορολογία, Nευρολογικές παθήσεις και νευροχειρουργικές επεμβάσεις, εγκεφάλου και σπονδυλικής στήλης | Κ. Κωσταβάρας, Α. Καργάδου


Το Neurocenter.gr είναι ένας ιατρικός ενημερωτικός δικτυακός τόπος, που σχετίζεται με θέματα Νευρολογίας και Νευροχειρουργικής. Αυτό που το ξεχωρίζει από άλλα ανάλογα sites είναι ότι γράφεται σε καθημερινή γλώσσα, χωρίς δυσνόητους όρους. Ούτως ή άλλως υπάρχει η ενότητα Ορολογία  όπου εξηγούνται όλοι οι ιατρικοί όροι με απλά λόγια και με την ανάλογη μετάφραση στα αγγλικά.
Τα βασικά άρθρα του Neurocenter.gr χωρίζονται σε ενότητες : συμπτώματαπαθήσεις και νευροχειρουργικές επεμβάσεις. Έτσι κάποιος μπορεί :

Επίσης στο Neurocenter.gr μπορεί κανείς να γνωρίσει τις τεχνικές που χρησιμοποιούνται σήμερα (πχ μαγνητική τομογραφίαηλεκτρομυογράφημα), να μάθει για ορισμένα έγκυρα sites με νευρολογικό περιεχόμενο, να μελετήσει την ανατομία του Νευρικού συστήματος και τέλος να ενημερωθεί από ειδικά συνέδρια και περιοδικά, στην ενότητα Τελευταία νέα – ενημέρωση

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(TOOL) – New must-have tool for translators released: TransTools+ | Stanislav Okhvat


It has been several months since the previous newsletter which announced the release of TransTools+, a suite of tools for professional translators, editors, copyeditors and DTP specialists. Now I would like to tell you about a new must-have productivity tool which has just been added to TransTools+: Multiple Find & Replace tool.

Introducing Multiple Find & Replace tool
Multiple Find & Replace tool is a powerful substitute / addition to Advanced Find & Replace dialogue and Navigation pane which perform search and replacement in Microsoft Word. With the help of this tool, you will be able to search Word documents for multiple words and phrases, review all occurrences within document context, and then replace or format them. This tool is built around lists of search expressions that you can improve over time or create on ad-hoc basis. It supports Word’s search syntax (including Word wildcards) as well as powerful .NET regular expressions that allow you to perform complex …

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(EL) (EN) – Διαχείριση αποβλήτων | Ορολογία | EnviroHelp


Διαχείριση αποβλήτων | Ορολογία

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(EN) – Glossary of Machine Learning Terms | Josh


A constantly updated machine learning glossary.

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(EN) – Publishing Glossary | WritersServices


The website for Writers with knowledge bank of over 4000 pages free information. Professional services for writers including Copy editing services, plus knowledge bank of over 4000 pages of free information for writers…

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(EN) – Boating Glossary | Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation


Not sure which boating terms you need to know? Make sure you know your axle ratio from your zinc anodes. Use this helpful a-to-z boating glossary to learn all of the important boating terms and what they mean before you get out on the water.

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(EN) – Medical education glossary | MedEdWorld


The MedEdWorld Glossary is a dynamic database that is a source of information about the expanding vocabulary used in medical education. The Glossary of terms is continually being reviewed and extended to include new terms and phrases. Each term is supported by an appropriate reference.

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(EN) – Glossary of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine | Vanessa Vu and Anthony C. Chang


A useful dictionary of common terms used in discussing AI in healthcare

Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will increasingly augment clinical decision-making and address many challenges of provider and geographic shortages/mismatches. This future creates a partnership between human and machine to deliver superior outcomes over either alone.  We encourage our readers to review this glossary of artificial intelligence in medicine and become part of this change in healthcare.

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(DE) – Krankheiten: Richtige Ernährung kann helfen | NDR


Für angehende Medizin-Übersetzer/innen ein guter Anfang.

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(DE) – Fachwissen Technik | Ute Imkenberg und Thorsten Mauch


Für angehende Technik-Übersetzer/innen: viel Basiswissen.

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(DE) – Lexikon rund ums Thema Testen | Digitaltest GmbH


Fachbegriffe von Fachleuten erklärt

Sie wissen nicht was Flying Probe oder In-Circuit-Test eigentlich ist? Oder haben noch nie etwas von Back Annotation gehört? Kein Problem, wir erklären in diesem Lexikon Digitaltest spezifische Begriffe aber auch allgemeine Fachbegriffe aus der Testbranche.

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(EN) – Fertility Glossary | Fertility Network


The wealth of fertility information online can be helpful, but can also be confusing. Here we have provided a glossary of the medical terms used which you may find helpful.

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