(MULTI) (TOOL) – Create Translation Memories from multilingual websites | Keybot


A translation memory (TM) is a database of structured translations that is the main component of applications for computer-aided translation (CAT). Keybot works like a giant translation memory that individually analyses and indexes every multilingual web domain. Translators working with CAT tools including a TM can download translated segments from the Web in a standardised TMX format for free, integrate these into their system and in this way quickly take on board new customers’ terminology.

Wikipedia: in German and in French

How it works:

Go to www.keybot.com and click on Web to TM:


On the next page, insert the multilingual website that you want to convert in a Translation Memory and click Go. If the website has been already indexed by Keybot, select it from the list and click OK:


On the next page, select source languagetarget language and click OK:


Click again on OK and a few seconds later you will have on your desktop a bilingual Translation Memory in TMX format.

via Keybot


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