(EN) – A Beginner’s Guide to the Fountain Pen | Shahan Cheong

In the strictest definition of the term, a fountain pen is a writing-instrument which contains its own ink-suppy and delivery-system, which applies the ink to the page via a metal pen-point.

Using this definition, almost any pen in the world could be a fountain pen, yes, including that 20c Bic Cristal on your desk.

But the term ‘fountain pen’ as most people would recognise it, refers to a writing-instrument which uses water-based ink to put marks on paper, via a symmetrical, curved and tapering metal pen-point, made of either gold or steel. If this is what you have in front of you, or within your immediate neighbourhood, read on.”

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(EN) (PDF) – GLOSSARY OF BASIC TERMS IN POLYMER SCIENCE | IUPAC Recommendations 1996 (Google Drive)

“The clear and unambiguous definition of basic terms in a field of science has special significance. Subsequentnomenclature must refer back to these basic terms, and the utmost care is, therefore, required in preparing and revising them. In 1974,the Commission published a document entitled “Basic Definitions of Terms Relating to Polymers (1974)”, that appeared in Pure Appl. Chem. 1974, 40, 479491. These definitions have been the foundation for the Commission’s work and, building on this basis, the Commission has developed a number of further nomenclature documents. The vast majority of terms in the basic document serve their purpose well. Progress in polymer science and the need for new definitions, the proper wording of which would have been incompatible with some of the basic terms, made it increasingly apparent that some change was needed in the basic terms. Approximately twenty years since the publication of the first document, the Commission now issues a revised and enlarged set of basic terms. The new glossary of terms has been formulated by the Commission with the additional input and aid of several well-known researchers and journal editors.”

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PDF file, 25 pages

(EN) – List of terms about pen & ink | Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“This list of terms about pen and ink is an alphabetic list of terminology about ink pens and ink.”

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(EN) – Pen Collecting Glossary | Penoply

“Pen Collecting Glossary”

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(EN) – Fountain Pens, Ink, & Supplies Glossary of Terms | GouletPens.com

“Fountain of Knowledge – Glossary of Terms”

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(EN) – Fountain Pens Glossary | RichardsPens.com

“Glossopedia of Pen Terms”

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(EN) (PDF) – The Bioanalysis Glossary | Future Science Group

The Future Science editorial team is delighted to bring you the first edition of The Bioanalysis Glossary, which we hope will be regarded as an essential resource for everyone who works in bioanalysis or related fields. Over 20 leading bioanalytical experts from industry and academia have been working closely with the Future Science editorial team over several months to develop this definitive glossary.

This guide will be particularly useful for those moving into the field or working with bioanalytical laboratories for the first time, and as a reference for experienced bioanalysts writing reports, research papers or presentations. Importantly, this glossary will aid in harmonization of the terminology used in the bioanalytical community within and between companies, universities and individuals. With increased globalization in drug development, it is now more important than ever before that scientists speak the same bioanalytical language.”

Source: www.bioanalysis-zone.com

PDF file, 104 pages