(EN) – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Glossary | Woodard Cleaning & Restoration

Whether you’re the one scheduling the carpet cleaning at your office and you want to brush up on your vocabulary, or you’re simply tired of overhearing conversations about the cleaning process and not being able to keep up with the industry jargon. Either way – we’re here to help!

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning: 101. First things first, let’s cover a glossary of terms used by commercial carpet cleaning professionals.”

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(EN) – Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms | msrb.org

Third Edition (August 2013) 

The MSRB’s glossary of terms used in the municipal securities industry is intended to help investors and other market participants get a basic understanding of commonly used municipal market terminology.

The brief definitions included in this glossary are intended for educational purposes only and are not comprehensive or official MSRB definitions. The MSRB Board of Directors does not review or adopt the definitions, which have no legal authority under MSRB rules or any other federal securities laws. Instead, the definitions reflect the consensus of industry professionals about the general usage of these terms in the municipal market. Many of these terms are also used in other segments of the securities industry and may have a different meaning when used in those other contexts.”

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(EN) – Book Publishing Glossary | authorhouse.com

“If you’re new to the book publishing industry or you’ve been around for years, there’s probably at least a few publishing terms you’re not completely familiar with. We’ve assembled an extensive book publishing glossary to help you navigate your way through this complex industry.”

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(DE) – Neue Wörter vom 12.9.2014 | wortwarte.de

Heute servieren wir Ihnen 26 neue Wörter:

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