(EN) – A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks | Real Men Real Style

Cufflinks are tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed.They’re an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. The defining feature is that cufflinks are separate objects: sew it onto the shirt and it’s a button, but if it’s fully removable it’s a cufflink.Just like buttons, cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button, and are considered a more ornamental option, but they’re not …

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(RU) – Мужские запонки | Юлия fffiwka Палилина

О том, какими бывают запонки, как их носят и где покупают. Ведь правильный их выбор, это ваша козырная карта в рукаве, дорогие мужчины!

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(EN) – What Beer Tastes Like: A Glossary Of Beer Flavors and Descriptions | Bear Flavored

One of my favorite things to do in recent months has been hosting beer tastings with a few friends. It’s cheaper than the bar, the selection is as good as you want it to be, and it’s a lot easier to talk to everyone (about the beer you’re drinking.) Of course, being the intrepid blogger that I am, I’ll sometimes jot down a few notes and take pictures so I can do a review. I also like the chance to get other people’s thoughts on different flavors, though I’ve noticed, lots of times, people say they don’t know how to describe the things they’re tasting. And not that you have to! Many people drink beer on a regular basis without discussing it like some kind of fancy-ass snob; it takes a special kind of dorkyness to talk about what you’re drinking in such specific terms.But sometimes — maybe with a beer that tastes like nothing you’ve had before — you want to put it into words. So here is a glossary of terms used to describe the many possible flavors and characteristics of beer. (I am leaving “off-flavors” out of this list, as that’s a subject for a …

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(FR) (EN) – Shoe terminology | Françoise Herrmann

There are more than a few technical terms in the I. Miller and Sons shoe patents. The “last” and “lasting” shoes (with no pun intended), the vamp, the throat and the tongue of the shoe… Below, a  small bilingual shoe-parts picture glossary is included for your information, and for the clarity, accuracy  and general elegance of your expression…!

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(EN) (PDF) – Glossary of Neuroanatomical Terms and Eponyms | J. A. Kiernan

The standard Latin forms of anatomical names are anglicized wherever this is possible without loss of euphony. Most anatomical terms have Latin origins, and most names related to diseases are derived from Greek words.

PDF file, 27 pages

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(FR) (EN) (PDF) – Glossaire des termes de la Science des Sols | MINISTÈRE DE L’AGRICULTURE DU CANADA

Lors de son assemblée annuelle de 1966, la Société canadienne de la science des sols (SCSS) créait un Comité de la nomenclature dont la tache était d’établir un glossaire des termes techntques employés en science des sols au Canada. Une édition préliminaire, en langue anglais;, en grand; partie tirée du glossaire de la Soi1 Science Society of America (Soi1 Sci. Soc. Am. Proc. 29:330-351) a été publiée en Partie II des Comptes rendus de la SCSS, de l’année 1967. Le présent glossaire contient quelques nouveaux termes, et quelques définitions ont été revues. II est publié en français et en anglais par la Direction de la Recherche du minlstère de l’Agriculture du Canada. Dans l’édition française, l’équivalent anglais suit le terme français; par exemple, eau absorbée, absorbed water. Dans l’édition anglaise, on retrouve la disposition inverse. Le présent glossaire n’est pas complet et devra être remis à iour périodiquement. Nous prions tous les usagers éventuels de nous communiquer les améliorations qu’ils jugent utile d’apporter aux définitions des termes, de même que les définitions d’autres termes qui devraient être inclus dans le glossaire. Nous remercions les nombreuses personnes qui ont collaboré à l’établissement de ce glossaire et celles qui ont préparé la traduction française. En outre, nous suggérons de consulter les publications ci-dessous mentionnées, en tant que sources supplémentaires de définitions.

PDF file, 45 pages

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(EN) – Virtual Reality Glossary | Lisa Padilla

Virtual Reality Glossary

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(DE) – Neue Wörter vom 16.3.2017 | wortwarte.de

Neue Wörter vom 16.3.2017

Heute servieren wir Ihnen 11 neue Wörter:

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(CA) – Neolosfera: aka | neolosfera.wordpress.com

“Aquest blog està dedicat al recull i presentació de neologismes, que el Diccionari de la llengua catalana de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans defineix com “unitats lèxiques noves, formalment o semànticament, creades en una llengua per les pròpies regles de formació de mots o manllevades a una altra llengua”. Així, cada entrada del blog es correspon a una paraula nova, en el sentit que encara no es troba recollida als diccionaris de referència o que hi apareix marcada formalment com a neologisme.”

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(EN) – Insurance Glossary | AHT Insurance

As an industry standard, Insurance Words And Their Meanings has been continuously updated and modernized for more than 50 years. The goal since its origin in 1954 is to provide insurance personnel with a resource to increase their proficiency and professionalism.

As has been the case with previous editions, many changes have been made, including a new, supplemental glossary on wine-making, as well as additional terms regarding risk management, alternative risk transfer and relevant insurance group acronyms.

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(EN) – Glossary of art terms | Cleveland Institute of Art

Glossary of art terms

PDF file, 12 pages

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(EN) (PDF) – Edvard Munch | National Gallery of Victoria

Edvard Munch, Norway’s greatest painter, began his long career in 1880 at the age of seventeen. He brought art and life together by communicating his own personal experience passionately. His intense expression of raw human emotion and his exploration of psychological states have a universal appeal which still speaks to us today. The scream, Munch’s iconic work, has come to symbolise the angst of modern man in today’s frenetic society and, like the Mona Lisa, is one of the most frequently reproduced images in the world. Munch worked in a variety of media, repeatedly exploring the same themes in painting, drawing, etching, lithography, photography and woodcuts. Potent imagery and dramatic use of heightened colour, both radical in their time, combined with his innovative studio techniques, have secured Munch’s reputation as one of …

PDF file, 16 pages

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(EN) – Glossary of Theatre Terms | Tupelo Community Theatre

Backstage, we hear theatre terms tossed around quite a bit. For newcomers who are wondering just what all the jargon means, we offer this glossary of theatre terms. For veterans, we invite your comments and corrections.
This list is by no means exhaustive, although we’ve tried to include some of the more common terms, along with some that we just found interesting. We will be happy to add entries that you think we’ve missed. Some terms are

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(EN) – Encyclopedia | National Geographic Society

Encyclopedic Entries

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(EN) – Vocabulary | National Geographic Society

Search the Glossary for geography, science, and social studies terms.

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(FR) – Le dictionnaire ( glossaire ) du parachutisme : Les expressions et termes des paras | Skydive Europe ASBL

Termes usuels des parachutistes classés en catégories:

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(EN) – Glossary | Multiple Sclerosis Research

The aim of this Blog is for the Barts and The London Neuroimmunology Group to update you on the latest research in MS with an emphasis on the research we are involved in.

A major reason for maintain the Blog is to thank the funders of our research. Funders encourage us to engage with the general public, people with MS and their families and other people with an interest in MS.  We believe you have the right to know what we are spending your research money on! The purpose of our work is to improve our knowledge and understanding of MS with the goal of improving the lives of people living with this disease.

For us as a group of MS researchers the blog allows us to reflect on our work, assess its potential impact and plan for the future. For some of our research projects we need your help; this may be as a volunteer for a particular study or simply helping us to spread the word.  A major benefit of the blog is that it encourages reflection and team work and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our successes.

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(FR) – Lexique du couvreur et du cordiste | Toiture et Façade

Lexique du couvreur et du cordiste

Le LEXIQUE : Comprendre les mots techniques utilisés par le Couvreur Zingueur

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(FR)- Vocabulaire de termes et de notions utilisés en géographie | Géoconfluences

Une sélection de termes et de notions utilisés en géographie.

Depuis Accaparement jusqu’à Zoonose, le glossaire de Géoconfluences s’est construit au fil des années, sans plan d’ensemble. C’est pourquoi certains termes très spécifiques y figurent, et pas d’autres mots pourtant plus usuels. Le glossaire s’est enrichi au fil des dossiers, chaque dossier faisant l’objet d’une page intitulée « vocabulaire et notions générales » qui recense les mots relatifs au thème ou à l’espace abordé. Voici par exemple les glossaires des récents dossiers sur l’Afrique, le fait religieux, la Chine, ou encore les océans dans la mondialisations.

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(RU) (EN) – Не ЗАОрать ОООт ужаса… | Marina Nestrugina

ЗАО «Воркутинская чайная компания».

OOO «Жужелица».

ЗАО «ГК «Электрощит»-ТМ Самара» (реально существующая организация).

На тему перевода названий компаний с русского языка на английский поломано много копий, особенно в том, что касается организационно-правовых форм бизнеса. В документе Национальной лиги переводчиков «Письменный перевод — Рекомендации переводчику, заказчику и редактору» скромно написано: «Отсутствует единая, унифицированная и «официальная» система передачи иностранных ИС на русский язык и русских ИС на иностранные языки, которая могла бы удовлетворительно применяться во всех случаях». Но если имена собственные — названия компаний на английском языке — часто можно оставить в …

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(EN) – Cop Slang, Police Slang & Law Enforcement Terms | Police Magazine

What is Cop-Slang?Law enforcement has a language all its own, and that language can be confusing. Sometimes the terms and slang used by one agency’s officers is incomprehensible to officers a few miles away. That’s why PoliceMag.com is offering you this special forum for sharing law enforcement slang and terminology. This special dictionary allows you, the readers of Police Magazine/PoliceMag.com to add terms, definitions, and explain where and how those terms are used. Note: Some of these terms are vulgar and some are offensive. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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(EN) – Champagne Glossary of Terms | Champagne Guide

As with any wine, champagne has a special vocabulary, often employing highly technical terms. Some terms have the same meaning as elsewhere in the wine world, but a few are specific to champagne. This is a personally compiled glossary of some terms that you might encounter. (Copyright 2009 ChampagneGuide.net via Peter Liem)

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(EN) – The Particle Adventure | Particle Data Group

The Particle Adventure. An award winning tour of quarks, neutrinos, the Higgs boson, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors from the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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(EN) – Synchrotron Glossary | NSLS II

Synchrotron radiation is the name given to light radiated by an electric charge following a curved trajectory, for example, a charged particle under the influence of a magnetic field. Synchrotron radiation is a natural phenomenon that has existed since the Big Bang. It is in the starlight that we see at night, generated by charged particles of matter spiraling through the cosmos. However, a manmade, controllable source of such radiation was not found until the middle of the twentieth century when accelerators for charged particles first appeared. High-energy electron accelerators emerged as viable synchrotron radiation sources because, as electrons approach the speed of light, the synchrotron radiation increasingly is emitted in a narrow, forward-directed cone. Thus, the radiation is concentrated in a small solid angle and can be readily used by researchers.

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(EN) – Synchrotron Glossary | Barcelona Field Studies Centre

Synchrotron Glossary

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(EN) – Crane Glossary | Dearborn Overhead

Glossary of terms explaining about Bridge Cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Crane, Wire rope hoists, and Chain hoists

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(DE) – Flag and Flag Pole Glossary | Walker Flags

Buy American Made US Flags, Flagpoles, State Flags, Military Flags, International Flags, Historical Flags, the finest quality Flags made by Annin Flagmakers.

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(DE) – Technik-ABC | Sinn Uhren

Seit der Unternehmensgründung 1961 dreht sich bei uns alles um hochwertige mechanische Uhren.

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(EN) – Watches Glossary | Sinn Uhren

Since its founding in 1961, the company has focused on high-quality, mechanical watches.

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(DE) – Lexikon und Begriffserklärung | Logistik und Versand XPaket

Das Lexikon auf XPaket erklärt Ihnen Fachbegriffe und Themen rund um das Thema des Paketversands auf verständliche Art.

Xpaket.de ist ein 2008 gegründetes Informationsportal, das Ihnen – sowohl für den privaten, als auch den gewerblichen Nutzen – die umfassende Suche nach den günstigsten Versandkosten für Päckchen und Pakete abnimmt. Und das nicht nur für den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands. XPaket führt in seinem Portokalkulator nämlich ebenfalls ausgesuchte Tarife für den internationalen Transport von Paketen auf – bis hin zum Sperrgut wie Reifen, Koffer oder Möbel.
Ein weiteres Plus: Geben Sie über XPaket einen Transport in Auftrag, können Sie von hier aus bequem die Sendungsverfolgung Ihres versicherten Pakets oder Päckchens starten. Diesen Service können Sie mit Hilfe unserer Paketverfolgung selbst dann nutzen, wenn Sie die Sendung bereits in einer beliebigen Annahmestelle oder online frankiert und auf den Weg gebracht haben.

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