(MULTI) PDF) – Disinformation affecting the EU | European Court of Auditors

Disinformation is a serious concern in organised societies. Social media and new technologies have increased the scale and speed with which false or misleading information can reach its audiences, whether intended and unintended. The EU action plan against disinformation was relevant at the time it was drawn up but incomplete. Even though its implementation is broadly on track and there is evidence of positive developments, it has not delivered all its intended results. We make recommendations to improve the coordination and accountability of EU actions against disinformation. We focus on the operational arrangements of the European External Action Service’s strategic communications division and its task forces. We recommend increasing Member States’ involvement in the rapid alert system and improving the monitoring and accountability of online platforms. We also point to the need for an EU media literacy strategy that includes combatting disinformation and taking steps to enable the European Digital Media Monitoring Observatory achieve its ambitious objectives. ECA special report pursuant to Article 287(4), second subparagraph, TFEU.

Available in all the official languages of the EU except Irish

PDF file, 69 pages

via: Publications Office of the EU

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