(EN) – The Sustainable Fashion Glossary | Condé Nast


Today, the fashion world is almost unrecognizable to decades prior. We are grappling with how to be part of the solution, moving towards an industry that values and respects our planet and communities.

Editors, writers, designers, artists, innovators and educators need a shared understanding of the key issues, and a common language to tackle them. They need an open platform for candid and informed conversations.

The dialogue begins here.

Condé Nast has partnered with Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) to create The Sustainable Fashion Glossary, a compendium of terms, a reference tool to help usher in a new era of understanding of fashion, based on a respect for and valuing of the earth and all who live within it. The Sustainable Fashion Glossary is part of Conde Nast’s long-standing commitment to create change in the world of fashion, design and style; and combines Condé Nast’s unique perspective on the sector with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s (CSF), academic leadership in fashion design for sustainability.

We aim to update the Sustainable Fashion Glossary on an annual basis to reflect innovations and the evolving environmental, social, cultural and economic debate and new discoveries and practices within it. It will be used by our own editorial teams, and we aim for it to inform and inspire a new vanguard of creatives who will define tomorrow’s zeitgeist and form a community of positive change-makers.

via Condé Nast

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