(MULTI) – IATE Term of the Week: Escalation | TermCoord

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to escalate as a result of the failure on a cease-fire attempt, we settled on escalation as our new IATE Term of The Week. Oxford Dictionary defines this term as an increase in the intensity or seriousness of something. It is the noun form of the verb escalate which is derived from the word escalator which was used for the first time in 1899. It was set to define the invention of Jesse Reno’s passenger-carrying conveyor, which was described as a “moving stairway or inclined elevator” by compounding the Latin word for step, scala with the word elevator.

A cease-fire plan backed by Egypt between Israel and Hamas failed on Tuesday. With no end to the fighting in sight, Israel keeps on …”

Source: termcoord.eu

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