(TOOL) – Sources of information for pharmaceutical translators | dyerlabs.com

“Some information of possible interest to people wanting to get into pharmaceutical translation. It includes URLs for several magazines in the field.”

Source: www.dyerlabs.com

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(TOOL) (PDF) – Pragmatic Thinking and Learning | it-ebooks.info

“Software development happens in your head. Not in an editor, IDE, or design tool. You’re well educated on how to work with software and hardware, but what about wetware our own brains? Learning new skills and new technology is critical to your career, and it’s all in your head.
In this book by Andy Hunt, you’ll learn how our brains are wired, and how to take advantage of your brain’s architecture. You’ll learn new tricks and tips to learn more, faster, and retain more of what you learn.”

Source: it-ebooks.info

Publisher: The Pragmatic Programmers
By: Andy Hunt
ISBN: 978-1-93435-605-0
Year: 2009
Pages: 288
Language: English
File size: 8.77 MB
File format: PDF

(TOOL) – Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments | cia.gov

The Central Intelligence Agency publishes and updates the online directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments weekly. The directory is intended to be used primarily as a reference aid and includes as many governments of the world as is considered practical, some of them not officially recognized by the United States. Regimes with which the United States has no diplomatic exchanges are indicated by the initials NDE.

Governments are listed in alphabetical order according to the most commonly used version of each country’s name. The spelling of the personal names in this directory follows transliteration systems generally agreed upon by US Government agencies, except in the cases in which officials have stated a preference for alternate spellings of their names.”

Source: www.cia.gov

(TOOL) – Roman Numerals Chart | kent.edu

“Roman Numerals Chart (kent.edu)”

Source: literacy.kent.edu

(TOOL) (PDF) – 300 artículos sobre Lexicografía y Traducción | infotra.wordpress.com

Monográfico InfoTrad 8 de julio de 2014. 300 artículos sobre Lexicografía y Traducción!

Source: infotra.wordpress.com

PDF file, 149 pages

(TOOL) (MULTI) – Guide to cross-border credit and claims management | EU Bookshop

Guide to cross-border credit and claims management

Supporting SMEs in enforcing cross-border claims
Corporate author(s): European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry
Themes: Enterprise policy, Justice and home affairs
Target audience: Specialised/Technical
Key words: claim, cross-border cooperation, enforcement of ruling, bank deposit, judicial cooperation, debt, small and medium-sized enterprises, international payment, provision of services”

Source: bookshop.europa.eu