(FR) (DE) (EN) (ES) (PDF) – Applied Geology Dictionary | Merkel et al

“Applied Geology Dictionary, French-German-English-Spanish version.

PDF file, 229 pages”

Source: www.geo.tu-freiberg.de

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(EN) (PDF) – Glossary of Coined Names & Terms Used in Science | Dr. John Andraos

“Glossary of Coined Names & Terms Used in Science | Dr. John Andraos (seen on: translationjournal.net)”

Source: www.careerchem.com

PDF file, 57 pages

(TOOL) (PDF) – Pragmatic Thinking and Learning | it-ebooks.info

“Software development happens in your head. Not in an editor, IDE, or design tool. You’re well educated on how to work with software and hardware, but what about wetware our own brains? Learning new skills and new technology is critical to your career, and it’s all in your head.
In this book by Andy Hunt, you’ll learn how our brains are wired, and how to take advantage of your brain’s architecture. You’ll learn new tricks and tips to learn more, faster, and retain more of what you learn.”

Source: it-ebooks.info

Publisher: The Pragmatic Programmers
By: Andy Hunt
ISBN: 978-1-93435-605-0
Year: 2009
Pages: 288
Language: English
File size: 8.77 MB
File format: PDF

(IT) (EN) (PDF) – Glossario di termini giuridici e scolastici | edizionisimone.it

Questo glossario non ha, com’è più che ovvio, pretesa di esaustività, ma raccoglie una serie di termini, anche specialistici e tecnici, che con maggior probabilità potrebbero essere ritrovati nel testo dei quiz.

Ampio spazio è stato, inoltre, dato ai lemmi più spiccatamente giuridici e scolastici”

Source: concorsodocenti.edizionisimone.it

PDF file, 60 pages

(EN) (PDF) – An Introduction to Plastic Recycling | Plastic Waste Management Institute

“Waste is now a global problem, and one that must be addressed in order to solve the world’s resource and energy challenges. Plastics are made from limited resources such as petroleum, and huge advances are being made in the development of technologies to recycle plastic waste among other resources. Mechanical recycling methods to make plastic products and feedstock recycling methods that use plastic as a raw material in the chemical industry have been widely adopted, and awareness has also grown recently of the importance of Thermal recycling as a means of using plastics as an energy source to conserve petroleum resources.

Japan is pursuing measures to create a recycling-oriented society in order to achieve sustainable development. Since the Basic Law for Promoting the Creation of a Recycling-oriented Society was enacted in 2000, a number of recycling-related laws have been enacted, come into force, been reviewed and amended. Based on this framework, action to promote the “three Rs” – i.e. reduction and reuse as well as recycling of waste has been stepped up to ensure a more effective use of resources. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Environment continues to restrict final disposal sites and to direct incineration plants and similar sites that can emit toxins such as dioxins. Now that these are recognized as safe, the basic policy stated in the Waste Disposal Law was amended in May 2005 to say that “first, emission of …”

Source: www.pwmi.or.jp

PDF file, 35 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Chromatography Glossary | zirchrom.com

“The first glossary of common and not-so-common terms and buzzwords for reference to high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns and column technology was published in 1988 (1). It is time for an update because
• many new terms have arisen or, in some cases, their original meanings have expanded or changed;
• the various techniques of capillary electrophoresis (CE) have become well developed and are used in many laboratories throughout the world; and
• the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) published its massive undertaking titled “Nomenclature for Chromatography,” which provides guidance and changes in some of the more commonly accepted terms (2).
This month’s “Column Watch” will update the …

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Source: www.zirchrom.com

PDF file, 19 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Glossary of security terms, definitions, and acronyms | cdse.edu

“Glossary of Security Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms, Defense Security Service, November 2012 – cited as DSS Glossary.”

Source: www.cdse.edu

PDF file, 337 pages

(AR) (PDF) – موقع أ. د. محمد سعيد ربيع الغامدي | mohamedrabeea.com

“موقع يحمل عدة معاجم وغيرها اتمنى تكون ذات فائدة”

Source: www.mohamedrabeea.com

(EN) (PDF) – Coral reef ecosystem science glossary | coralreef.noaa.gov

“This glossary contains nearly 3,000 technical terms, with their definitions, explanations, and illustrative materials where apropos. The aim of the CoRIS glossary is to help the student or layperson, as well as the professional scientist and manager, to understand the complex language and terminology of coral reef ecosystem science when accessing any part of the NOAA Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS), including the scientific and technical literature and data. Habitats and communities adjacent to the coral reefs, such as sea grass meadows, mangrove forests and associated hard and soft substrate habitats are included within the scope of the coral reef ecosystem.

The glossary contains terms concerned with ecology, biogeography, evolution, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, mapping, development, fisheries, oceanography, geosciences, conservation programs, remote-sensing, physics, chemistry, and data and information management.

The glossary is organized alphabetically by page — A through Z. Literature sources are listed on the References Page.

The entire glossary is also provided as a PDF document (12.7 MB). The document includes all terms, photographs, images, and literature sources.”

Source: coralreef.noaa.gov

PDF file, 642 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Precision agriculture: an opportunity for EU farmers? | ec.europa.eu

The JRC has recently released a report on the potential use of precision agriculture to help implement the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), upon the request of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.

Precision agriculture is the application of technologies and agronomic principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production – crops and animal – for the purpose of improving performance, production, and economic and environmental quality. It uses information technology, satellite positioning systems and remote sensing.
The report confirms that precision agriculture can play a substantial role in meeting the increasing demand for food while ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. Nevertheless, the size and diversity of farm structures make its adoption in Europe challenging. The report proposes some recommendations, such as awareness-raising and information campaigns among farmers, the provision of appropriate guidelines, and an EU ‘precision farming calculator’ tool which would bring decision-support value to farmers and advisers. This should be accompanied by research and …”


Source: ec.europa.eu

PDF file, 57 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Illustrated Horological Glossary | nawcc-index.net

“The following pages are by no means an unabridged horological glossary, which could fill volumes. It is rather an easy reference guide for new watch enthusiasts, a helping hand as it were. The next 30 pages contain some of the more common vernacular used within the pages of our catalogues as well as approximately 350 illustrations. As we are firm believers in the old adage “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, we are currently working on a constantly evolving horological lexicon and database which will be available at www.antiquorum.com. We will be keeping you abreast of further developments on this project in future issues of the Vox magazine. Until then, we hope the following will be useful to those of you who have just joined us in the world of horology.”

Source: www.nawcc-index.net

PDF file, 31 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Illustrated Glossary of Watch Parts | timezone.com

“TimeZone Watch School Illustrated Glossary of Watch Parts by Walt Odets:

Automatic Winding: The ETA Caliber 2842
Automatic Winding: Bi-Directional Winding
Automatic Winding: The Jaeger LeCoultre Caliber 889/2 Switching Rocker
Patek Philippe caliber 240-PS
The Cannon Pinion, Hour Wheel, Minute Wheel and Wheel Pinions
The Balance Wheel: Amplitude
The Balance Cock and Balance Assembly
The Balance Wheel in Detail
A Smooth Glucydur Balance
The Adjustable Mass Balance
The Regulator, Curb Pin and Boot
The Regulator, Spring Stud, and Anti-Shock Mechanism
The Anti-Shock Mechanism
The Balance Spring Collet and Overcoil
The Balance Staff
The Escapement: The Banking Pins
The Escapement: The Entry Pallet
The Escapement: The Exit Pallet
The Escapement: The Exit Pallet During Impulse
The Escapement: The Exit Pallet During Locking
The Escapement: The Pallet Lever Geometry
The Escapement: The Pallet Lever
The Escapement: The Pallet Lever Safety Pin
The Escapement: An Illustrated Explanation of Function
The Click
The Click and Related Parts
The Mainspring of an Automatic Winding Watch
The Center-Seconds Gear Train: The Fontainemelon Caliber 97
The Conical Pivot and Jewel
The Cylindrical Pivot and Jewel
Wheels and Pinions

Source: people.timezone.com

PDF file, 59 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – What is Palliative Care? / ما هي العناية التلطيفية؟ | Lebanese Center for Palliative Care

Source: www.balsam-lb.org

PDF bilingual file, 13 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – Residential Lease Terms and Conditions | jafza.ae

“GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF LEASE IN RESPECT OF RESIDENTIAL LEASE OF PREMISES IN THE JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE / االحكام العامة وشروط عقد ايجار عقار سكني في المنطقة الحرة بجبل علي المنطقة الحرة لجبل علي”

Source: jafza.ae

PDF bilingual file, 23 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – The UAE Social Media White Papers / األوراق البيضاء الخاصة بشبكات التواصل االجتماعي | government.ae

“The UAE Social Media White Papers / األوراق البيضاء الخاصة بشبكات التواصل االجتماعي (government.ae)”

Source: www.government.ae

PDF bilingual file, 122 pages

(AR) (EN) (DOC) – المصطلحات اللغوية للساعات | Google Drive

“المصطلحات اللغوية للساعات”

Source: docs.google.com

DOC file, 12 pages

(ES) (PDF) – El inglés, idioma internacional de la medicina. Causas y consecuencia de un fenómeno actual | Fernando A. Navarro

“Una de las características más destacadas del lenguaje médico en el último tercio de este siglo XX, ha sido el predominio absoluto del inglés como único idioma internacional de la medicina. Porque no siempre fue así, por supuesto. Desde el nacimiento de la medicina científica, en la Grecia del siglo  V a. de C., el griego fue el idioma de la medicina durante toda la Antigüedad clásica. Incluso a partir del siglo  Ia. de C., ya en plena hegemonía económica, política y militar del Imperio Romano, la mayoría de los médicos, como Galeno, continuaron siendo de procedencia helénica, y el griego se mantuvo como el idioma de la medicina y la ciencia. Durante la Edad Media, no es posible ya hablar de un único idioma de la medicina, sino que cabe distinguir al menos tres espacios lingüísticos bien delimitados. En el Imperio Bizantino se mantuvo la vigencia del griego, pero el …”

Source: www.tremedica.org

PDF file, 17 pages

(EN) (FR) (PDF) – Illustrated Glossary: Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics / Glossaire illustré: Formation de techniciens à l’entretien des mosaïques in situ | getty.edu

“This accompanying glossary to handbook, Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics, provides definitions of terms commonly used. Available in English and French.


Alberti, Livia, Elsa Bourguignon, Ermanno Carbonara, Thomas Roby, and Juana Segura Escobar. 2013. Illustrated Glossary: Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics. Los Angeles; Tunis: Getty Conservation Institute; Institut National du Patrimoine de Tunisie.

Alberti, Livia, Elsa Bourguignon, Ermanno Carbonara, Thomas Roby, and Juana Segura Escobar. 2013. Glossaire illustré: Formation de techniciens à l’entretien des mosaïques in situ. Los Angeles; Tunis: Getty Conservation Institute; Institut National du Patrimoine de Tunisie.

Source: www.getty.edu

PDF file, 64 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Simple Sabotage Field Manual (declassified) | cia.gov

Since World War II, US intelligence agencies have devised innovative ways to defeat their adversaries. In 1944, CIA’s precursor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), created the Simple Sabotage Field Manual.
This classified booklet described ways to sabotage the US’ World War II enemies. The OSS Director William J. Donovan recommended that the sabotage guidance be declassified and distributed to citizens of enemy states via pamphlets and targeted broadcasts.”

Source: www.cia.gov

PDF file, 20 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – Glossary for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative / مصطلحات الشفافية الصناعية | Google Drive

“Glossary for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative / مصطلحات الشفافية الصناعية”

Source: docs.google.com

PDF file, 8 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – Home Loan Application Form / نموذج طلب قرض سكني | HSBC (Google Drive)

“Home Loan Application Form / نموذج طلب قرض سكني (HSBC)”

Source: docs.google.com

PDF file, 20 pages

(EN) (PDF) – A Glossary of Marine Nature Conservation and Fisheries | Stephen J. Lockwood

“The whole field of fisheries is so beset with jargon and acronmyns that for anyone wishing to understand the issue, it can be a nightmare. Add to that increasing calls to protect marine wildlife, which has led to new terminology, particularly relating to the Habitats and Species Directive. At a time when the European Commission is pushing for consideration of the environment alongside all activities (through a process called integration), it is important to ensure that all those involved with fisheries and the environment have a common understanding of terms. This is why this glossary of terms for marine nature conservation and fisheries was commissioned. There has been wide consultation with a cross section of individuals over the definition of terms, which in itself helped increase common understanding. It is of paramount importance that integration of fisheries and the environment occurs in practice, at the grass roots level and not just in principle. We hope that this glossary will help to achieve such an aim.

A number of communications from the European Union stress the importance of disseminating scientific information in a way that is easily understood. The EC Biodiversity Strategy [COM(1998)42] calls on the Community to develop programmes for public information, education and awareness raising on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. This should also apply to the Commission’s action plan for biodiversity in fisheries. A similar commitment applies in relation to information on the impact of fisheries on marine ecosystems. “

Source: jncc.defra.gov.uk

PDF file, 92 pages

(ES) (EN) (PDF) – Diccionario de Oftalmología / Ophthalmology Glossary | Google Drive

“Diccionario de Oftalmología / Ophthalmology Glossary”

Source: docs.google.com

PDF file, 526 pages

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – PEUGEOT 5008. ENJOYED BY FAMILIES. LOVED BY DRIVERS / 5008، متعة للعائالت. شغف للسائقين | peugeot.hha.com.sa

“Automotive: 5008 – ENJOYED BY FAMILIES. LOVED BY DRIVERS / 5008، متعة للعائالت. شغف للسائقين (peugeot.hha.com.sa)”

Source: www.peugeot.hha.com.sa

PDF bilingual file, 12 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Ophthalmic Abbreviations | The College of Optometrists (Google Drive)

“Ophthalmic Abbreviations (The College of Optometrists)”

Source: docs.google.com

PDF file, 4 pages

(MULTI) (PDF) – Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets in 23 languages | ECHA

Safety data sheets (SDS) are the main tool for ensuring that suppliers communicate enough information along the supply chain to allow safe use of their substances and mixtures.

Safety data sheets include information about the properties of the substance (or mixture), its hazards and instructions for handling, disposal and transport and also first-aid, fire-fighting and exposure control measures. This information can be found in the main body of the safety data sheet or in the annexed exposure scenarios (where applicable). The requirements for the compilation of the safety data sheets are specified in Annex II of REACH.”

Source: echa.europa.eu


Bulgarian version (Ръководство за съставяне на информационни листове за безопасност)
Czech version (Pokyny pro sestavení bezpečnostních listů)
Danish version (Vejledning om udarbejdelse af sikkerhedsdatablade)
German version (Leitlinien zur Erstellung von Sicherheitsdatenblättern)
Greek version (Καθοδήγηση σχετικά με τη σύνταξη των δελτίων δεδομένων ασφαλείας)
English version (Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheets)
Spanish version (Directriz sobre la compilación de fichas de datos de seguridad)
Estonian version (Ohutuskaartide koostamise juhend)
Finnish version (Käyttöturvallisuustiedotteiden laatimista koskevat ohjeet)
French version (Guide d’élaboration des fiches de données de sécurité)
Croatian version (Smjernice za sastavljanje Sigurnosno-tehničkih listova (STL))
Hungarian version (Útmutató a biztonsági adatlapok készítéséhez)
Italian version (Orientamenti sulla compilazione delle schede di dati di sicurezza )
Lithuanian version (Rekomendacijos, kaip pildyti saugos duomenų lapus)
Latvian version (Vadlīnijas par drošības datu lapu sastādīšanu)
Maltese version (Gwida dwar il-kompilazzjoni ta’ skedi ta’ dejta ta’ sigurtà)
Dutch version (Richtsnoer voor het samenstellen van veiligheidsinformatiebladen)
Polish version (Poradnik dotyczący sporządzania kart charakterystyki)
Portuguese version (Guia de orientação sobre a elaboração das fichas de dados de segurança)
Romanian version (Ghid de redactare a fișelor cu date de securitate)
Slovak version (Usmernenie k zostavovaniu kariet bezpečnostných údajov)
Slovene version (Smernice za pripravo varnostnih listov)
Swedish version (Vägledning om sammanställning av säkerhetsdatablad)

(AR) (EN) (PDF) – Arab International Aluminum Conference / مؤتمر األلومنيوم العربي | arabal.com

“Arab International Aluminum Conference / مؤتمر األلومنيوم العربي (arabal.com)”

Source: www.qatalum.com

PDF bilingual file, 8 pages

(IT) (PDF) – Adeguamento motocoltivatori e motozappatrici ai requisiti di sicurezza di cui all’allegato V al D.Lgs. 81/08 | inail.it

I dati degli eventi infortunistici del settore agricolo o forestale evidenziano che il rischio più grave a cui è esposto l’operatore alla guida di motocoltivatori e motozappatrici è rappresentato dal contatto non intenzionale con gli organi lavoranti.

Tale rischio, seppur non eliminabile, può essere significativamente ridotto attraverso l’installazione di opportuni presidi di sicurezza.
Tuttavia, ad oggi, un cospicuo numero di motocoltivatori e motozappatrici risulta non conforme ai requisiti di sicurezza normativamente previsti. Ciò è dovuto anche alla mancanza di precisi indirizzi tecnici applicabili alle differenti tipologie costruttive che caratterizzano il parco macchine circolante.
Per ovviare a tale carenza è stato istituito uno specifico gruppo di lavoro, con l’obiettivo di fornire agli operatori del settore agricolo le informazioni tecniche necessarie per l’adeguamento ai requisiti di sicurezza previsti dall’allegato V al D.lgs. 81/08 s.m.i. di motocoltivatori e motozappatrici costruiti antecedentemente al 21 settembre 1996.”

Source: www.inail.it

PDF file, 32 pages

(EN) (PDF) – Bézier curves | tsplines.com

“Bézier curves are named after their inventor, Dr. Pierre Bézier. Bézier was an engineer with the Renault car company and set out in the early 1960’s to develop a curve formulation which would lend itself to shape design. Engineers may find it most understandable to think of Bézier curves in terms of the center of mass of a set of point masses. For example, consider the …”

Source: www.tsplines.com

PDF file, 22 pages

(TOOL) (PDF) – 300 artículos sobre Lexicografía y Traducción | infotra.wordpress.com

Monográfico InfoTrad 8 de julio de 2014. 300 artículos sobre Lexicografía y Traducción!

Source: infotra.wordpress.com

PDF file, 149 pages