(MULTI) (PDF) – Glossarium part 1 & 2 | Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Of all the sectors of the economy, agriculture is the one which records the highest number of occupational accidents, and it is for this reason that agriculture features so prominently in the Commission’s programme on safety, hygiene and health at the workplace. Particular attention has been paid to farm buildings since statistics show that the majority of accidents occur in or immediately around these buildings. Studies aimed at improving the prevention of such accidents are frequently hampered by difficulties of a terminological nature, and it has become clear that specialised glossaries or dictionaries more often than not provide only rough translations of the highly specific agricultural vocabulary. It was realised that a reference work on farm building terminology would facilitate understanding between experts, translators and interpreters. Clearly, the compilation of such a glossary in the various Community languages could only further the studies being undertaken on safety in farm buildings, and consequently the Health and Safety Directorate provided assistance to the Terminology Service of the Commission by making available its experts from the various Member States. The vocabulary in the glossary mainly covers the cattle breeding sector, in particular the various parts of the farm, the different types of construction, electrical and ventilation equipment, the various kinds of housing and milking parlours, and also some aspects of veterinary medicine. To improve clarity, 207 illustrations appear in addition to the definitions.

PDF file, 500 + 568 pages



via: Publications Office of the EU

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