(MULTI) – UN Interpreters Glossaries | United Nations

Acronyms (E-C)
Administration of Justice (E-F-S) (E-F-A)
Afghanistan (E-C-F-S) (E-F)
Africa (E-C-F-S)
Ageing (E-F-S-C)
Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
AIDS (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S-R-C) (E-F-S-R)
Glossary with definitions (E-C) (R)
Immunology (R-E)
AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (Global Fund) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Al Qaida & Taliban Sanctions Committee (E-C-F-S)
Ammunition, Surplus (E-F-R)
Angola (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S)
Architecture glossary | building terms (from ontarioarchitecture.com)
ASHI (After service health insurance) (E-F-S-A) (E-F-S)

Basel Convention (E-F-S-R-C-A)
biological diversity (E-F-S-R-C-A) Cali (E-F-S-R-C-A) SBSTTA (E-F-S-R-C-A) IPBES (E-F-S-R-C-A)
bio-saftey (E-R)
Biomedical dictionary (E-C) 生物医药大词典
Biopharmaceutical Statistics (E-C) East China Normal University
Biostatistics glossary medicalbiostatistics.com
Bosnia and Herzegovina (E-C-F-S)
Dictionary of Botany
Budget (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R) Budget Terms (E-F-R-S-A-C)
Budgetary Process (E-F-S-C)
Burundi (E-C-F-S)

Cambodia (E-C)
Cancer Terms cancer.gov
Capital Master Plan (E-F-S) (E-F-S-C) (E-F-R-S) (E-F-A)
Cartography (E-F) (E-F-S-C) see also Geographic Names below
Central African Republic MINUSCA (E-C-F-S)
Central America (E-C)
Charter of the UN (E-S-F)
Chemicals (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Chemical agents (E-C)
Chemicals Management (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Climate Change (E-F-S-R-C-A) (E-F-S) Terms & Definitions
Clinical Trials Terminology E Lilly
Cloning (E-F) (E-C-F-S)
C.O.E. (E-F-S) (E-C)
Congo MONUSCO (E-F-S-C) (E-F-R-S)
Continental Shelf (E-F-R) (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S)
Côte d’Ivoire (E-C-F-S)
Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice (E-F-S-R-A-C) ; (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S)
criminal accountability of United Nations officials and experts on mission,Ad Hoc Committee on (E-C-F-S)
Croatia (E-C)
Cyprus (E-C-f-S) (E-F-R-S)

Darfur (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Debt (E-C-F-S)
Decolonization (E-F-S-R-C-A) (E-A-F)
Desertification (E-F-S-C-R) (E-F-S-R-C-A) supplement (E-F-S-R-C-A) UNCCD (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Disabilities, Persons with (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S) (E-A-F)
Disarmament (E-F-S) (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S-A) (E-F-S-R) CTBTO (E-F)
Disarmament Commission (E-A-F)
NCI Drug Dictionary
Drugs (E-C) (E-F-S)

Environment environment-related glossaries hosted here
Environment (conferences etc) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Environment (general) (E-F-S-R-C-A) UNEP Council Tenth Special Session (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Environment (instruments) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Environment (globalization related) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
ESCAP (1) (2) (3) (themes-specific) 64th Commission (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Ethiopia-Eritrea (E-C-F-S)

FDA Glossaries
Fifth Committee (E-C)
Financial Dictionary (E)
Reuter’s Financial Dictionary
Ch-En Reuters Financial Glossary (E)
Financial Reports & BOA (E-F) (E-F-S) (E-F-S-C) (E-F-R-S)
Financing for Development (E-C) (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R) (E-C-F-S) (1) (2)
Fish Stocks, Straddling (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S) (R-F-E) Straddling Fish Names (S-E-F)
Forest (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S-R-C-A)

Genetics (E-C)
NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms
Georgia (E-C-F-S)
General Committee (E-F-S-C)
Geographical Names, Standardization of (A-C-E-F-R-S) (E-F-S-C) (E-C) (C-E)
Guinea-Bissau (E-C-F-S)

Census (E-F-S-R-C-A)
General glossary (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Housing (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Theme-specific (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Water & Sanitation (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Haiti (E-F-S-C)
Health Care Management Glossaries
Humanitarian Affairs (E-F) Glossary of Terms (E)
Human Resources (E-F-S-R) (E-F-S) (E-C-F-S)
Human Rights (E-C-F-S)
Human Trafficking, Prevention of (E-F-S-R-C-A)

IAEA (E-C) (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R-C-A) Part I Part 2 ; September 2007 update
ICSC Common system (E-F-R-S) (E-F-S) (E-F-C)
IMO Wreck Removal (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Indigenous People (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Information, Committee on (E-F-S-C)
information security (E-C) (E-F)
International Criminal Court ICTY ICTR (E-F-S) (E-C) (E-C-F) ICT (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R)
International Law Commission (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S) (E-F-R-S)
Internet Governance (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Investopedia dictionaries (e), a Forbes media co.
Iran (E-C)
Iraq (E-C) Oil for Food (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S) Missiles (E-R) UNMOVIC (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S)

Jurisdictional Immunities (E-F-S-C) (E-F-R-S)

Kosovo (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S)
Kyoto Protocol (E-F-S-R-C-A)

Labeling and Transport of Chemical and Dangerous Goods (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Land Mines (E-F-S-R-A-C) Acronyms
Land-based Activities (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Latin Expressions (E-C) (A to C) (D to H) (I to O) (P to V)
Legal Terms (Latin-Chinese)
Liberia (E-F-S-C)

Malaria (E-C)
Marine Biodiversity (E-F-A)
Medical terminology webends.com medterms.com
Mercury (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Middle East (E-F-R)
Migratory Species of Wild Animals (E-F-S-R-C-R)
Military Ranks (E-F-S)
Missiles (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S-A)
Montreal Protocol (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Mortgage & Lending glossary (e) by mortgageloan.com

Nepal UNMIN (E-C-F-S)
NGOs (E-F-S-R-C-A)
NPT (E-F-S-R-C-A) (E-F-S-C)

Oversight, OIOS & JIU (E-F-S)
Ozone Layer (E-F-S-R-C-A) (E-C) Chemical Substances (E-F-S-R-C-A)

Palestine (E-C)
Papua New Guinea (E-F-S-C)
Pattern of Conferences (E-F-R-S) (1) (2) (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S)
Peace-keeping Operations (E-F-S) (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S) PKOs sorted by acronyms (E-F-S-R) (E-F-A)
Pension System (E-F) (E-C)
Pharmacology glossary (Boston U.)
POPs, Stockholm Convention on (E-C) (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Population (E-C)
Procurement (E-F-S) (E-A-F-S)
Products harmful to health and the environment (E-C-F-S)
Public Administration (E-C-F-S) UN Public Administration Glossary – UNPAN

Reforms (E-F-S) (E-C)
Regional Trade Agreements (E-F-S) (E-F-S-A)
Register of Conventional Arms (E-F-S-C)
Road Safety (E-C)

Safety of UN Personnel (E-C-F-S)
Sanitation (E-C)
Scale of Assessments (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R) (E-C-F-S) (E-F-A) (E-F-R) (E-C)
Sea, Law of the (E-F-S) (E-F-S-C-R) (E-F-R-S) (E-F-A); Technical Terms: ( E-F-S-C-R) ; LTCttee: (E-F-S-R) ; Consultative Process (E-F-S-C) Expert Meeting (E-R)
Second Committee (Acronyms E-F-R) (E-F-R-S)
Security Management System UN (E-F)
Sierra Leone (E-C-F-S)
Small Arms (E-F-S) (E-F-S-R) (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S-A) (E-C) | small arms glossary with diagrams (E-C)
Small Island Developing States (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S-R-A-C)
Social Development (E-C)
Somalia (E-C-F-S)
South-South Cooperation (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Space (E-C-F-S) (E-F-A) (E-F-S) UNSCSEAR (E-F)
Statistics (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R) Statistical Terms (OECD) Statistics glossary (Univ. of Glasgow) NCI Glossary of Statistical Terms
Substances including Those Depleting Ozone (E-F-S-R-C-A)
Sudan (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S) UNISFA (E-C-F-S)
Sustainable Development (E-F) (E-C-F-S) (E-A-F)

Tajikistan (E-C)
TCC meetings (E-C)
Terrorism (E-C) (E-F-S-C) CTC (E-F-S)
Timor-Leste (E-C-F-S)
Trade: UNCTAD (E-F-S-C) (E-F-A) UNCTAD XII (E-F-S-R-C-A) WTO agriculture (E-C)

UNCITRAL Arbitration (E-F-S-C) (E-A-F-S) (E-F-S)
UNCITRAL Conventions & Model Laws (E-C-F-S)
UNCITRAL Electronic Commerce (E-C-F-S)
UNCITRAL-Insolvency (E-C-F-S) (E-F-R-S) Definitions (E)
UNCITRAL Model Laws (E-C-F-S-A)
UNCITRAL ODR Online Dispute Resolution (E-F-S-C)
UNCITRAL Procurement (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S-A)
UNCITRAL Security Interests (E-F-S-C) (F-E-S-C) (S-E-F-C) (E-C-F-S-A)
UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions Terminology A C E F R S
UNCITRAL Transport Law (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S) (E-F-S)
UNDP (E-F-S) (E-C-F-S) (E-A-C-F-S) (E-A-F)
UNICEF (E-F) (E-F-S-C) (E-F-S-C-A)
UNIDIR lexicons
UNMISS South Sudan (E-C-F-S)
UNODC TOC—Conventions —Illicit Manufacture of and trafficking in Firearm Smuggling of Migrants Trafficking in Persons
http://untermportal.un.org/ (United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database: check for translation of terms, print mini-glossaries from it by subject searches and more)

Western Sahara (E-C-F-S)
WFP (Acronyms) (E-F)
Women (E-C-F-S) (E-F-S-R-C-A) organizations & conferences (E-F-S-R-C-A) conventions & initiatives (E-F-S-R-C-A)
World Bank (E-C)

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