(EN) – The Circle of Concern, Zoom Dread, and More Terms That Explain Pandemic Life | Forge


A Glossary for the Strangeness of Pandemic Life. Words to help you make sense of your experience.

So many things have been feeling upside-down lately: Introverts are discovering that they’ve been extroverts all along. Time isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Everyone is annoying, and your Zoom face doesn’t even look like you.
Over the past couple months, the strangeness of this moment has seeped into every nook and cranny of our daily lives, exposing, among other things, the limits of our language. What do you call it when you’re homesick for someplace far from home? Or when peeling off your sweatpants and pulling on jeans feels like making a major life change? What’s the term for a friendly stranger you used to see regularly enough to now miss, even though you don’t know their name?
Naming a thing is a powerful act. It gives us a sense of understanding over our own experience. A sense of control. Even a sense of comfort: When you suddenly know what to call something, it no longer feels quite so strange. To that end, the Forge editors have pulled together a list of words and concepts — some from other eras or parts of the world, some borrowed from academic disciplines, some entirely new — to help you make sense of a time when little else does.

via Forge

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