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Some Buddhist terms and concepts lack direct translations into English that cover the breadth of the original term. Below are given a number of important Buddhist terms, short definitions, and the languages in which they appear. In this list, an attempt has been made to organize terms by their original form and give translations and synonyms in other languages along with the definition.

Languages and traditions dealt with here:

English (Eng.)
Pāli: Theravada Buddhism
Sanskrit (or Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit): primarily Mahayana Buddhism
Burmese (Bur): Buddhism in Myanmar
Karen (Kar): Theravada Buddhism
Khmer: Theravada Buddhism
Mon (Mon): Theravada Buddhism
Mongolian (Mn): Buddhism in Mongolia
Shan (Shan): Theravada Buddhism
Tibetan (Tib): Tibetan Buddhism
Dzongkha ༼རྫོང་ཁ༽ (Dzo): Buddhism in Bhutan
Thai: Theravada Buddhism
CJKV languages
Chinese (Cn): Chinese Buddhism
Japanese (Jp): Buddhism in Japan
Korean (Ko): Korean Buddhism
Vietnamese (Vi): Buddhism in Vietnam (Mahayana and Theravada)
Javanese (Jv): Buddhism in Indonesia

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