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Here is a compilation of glossaries of terminology used in data science, big data analytics, machine learning, AI, and related fields:

  • Glossary of common Machine Learning, Statistics and Data Science terms
  • Online Reference Encyclopedia of Statistical Science Concepts (Free)
  • Statistics Links at https://www.statistics.com/:
    • Statistics glossary
    • Statistical word of the week
    • Blog
  • Weekly newsletter signup
  • Data Science Glossary on DataScienceCentral
  • Data Science Glossary
  • Machine Learning Glossary at Google
  • Glossary of Artificial Intelligence Terms (From A to Z)
  • Big Glossary of Artificial Intelligence on Wikipedia
  • 28 Artificial Intelligence Terms You Need to Know
  • Data Science Glossary on Kaggle
  • Data Science Terms and Jargon
  • Data Science Terms Explained in Plain English (with Examples)
  • 100’s of Statistical Concepts Explained in Simple English
  • Big Data Science Glossary
  • Data Science (and Machine Learning) Dictionary — Key Terms You Need to Know
  • Data Science Terms Explained
  • Data Analytics Glossary
  • Data Science Glossary – The Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Terminologies used by Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Science and Analytics Explained
  • Big Data A to Z
  • Glossary Of Big Data Terminology A to Z
  • My own list: Big Data A to ZZ – A Glossary of my Favorite Data Science Things
  • The Data and Analytics Dictionary
  • 101 Big Data Terms You Should Know
  • An Extensive Glossary Of Data and Analytics Terminology
  • Summary of AI Terms
  • AI Glossary at Science Magazine
  • Artificial Intelligence Vocabulary (old)
  • The Essential AI Glossary of Terms
  • AI and Machine Learning Glossary A to Z
  • The Essential Artificial Intelligence Glossary for Marketers at HubSpot
  • Data Science Glossary (source for Tag Cloud below)

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