(EN) – Video Surveillance Glossary | Stroztech Pte Ltd.


So you’re new the security camera industry. You’ve been hearing random acronyms like RG59, CCD and LPR all day and can’t wait to leave the office cause you’ve got a huge headache. You’re probably wondering if you did make the right choice of joining that firm or just sticking the cash register at McDonald’s. As you walk around Sim Lim Tower or Sungai Wang Plaza you can’t help but hear the snickers of the sales guys or worse you start imagining them with caption bubbles ala comic book style with the word “Sucker” written in bold. No one has the time to Google all the terms you’ve heard. Nor would you want to read through a huge article on Wikipedia telling you the history of security surveillance.

So we the awesome guys at Stroztech have taken the time of our busy schedule of the tariks and kopi O to give you this wonderful glossary of video surveillance equipment. Now you can go to work and pretend you’re a hot shot know-it-all just like the rest of the guys in the office. If you’re thinking of getting CCTV’s installed for your office or home, you can use this glossary and out talk those sales dudes too.

via www.stroztech.com

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