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The dictionary contains a translation of 130 allergenic foodstuffs in 21 official European languages, as well as in Turkish, Russian, Icelandic and Norwegian.

This dictionary can also help you when ordering in a restaurant or grocery shopping, to explain your food restrictions and understand the ingredients of what you eat or buy in a foreign language.

You can write down your allergies on a card „I’m allergic against…“ before you leave and keep it in your wallet during your holiday.

Select your own language from the following list. A PDF document will be opened, containing the translations of the terms in all other languages.

  • Разговорник: Алергия (BG)
  • Slovník: Alergie (CZ)
  • Sprogfører: Allergi (DK)
  • Wörterbuch: Allergien (D)
  • Guía: Alergias (E)
  • Guide: Allergia (EST)
  • Guide de la conversation: Allergies (F)
  • Guide: Allergia (FIN)
  • Guide: Allergies (GB)
  • Γλψσσικός οδηγός: Αλλεργίες (GR)
  • Útmutató: Allergia (H)
  • Guida: Allergie (I)
  • Orðtakasafn: Ofnæmi (IS)
  • Guide: Alergiškas (LT)
  • Ceļvedis: Alerģijas (LV)
  • Guide: allergier (N)
  • Taalgids: Allergieën (NL)
  • Guia: Alergias (P)
  • Słowniczek: Alergie (PL)
  • Leksikons: alergijas (RO)
  • Разговорник: Аллергия (RUS)
  • Guide: Allergi (S)
  • Guide: Alergiu (SK)
  • Vodnik: Alergije (SLO)
  • Guide: Alerjim (TR)

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