(MULTI) – IATE Term of the Week: European Capital of Culture | TermCoord


2019 has arrived, and with it two cities welcome a year full of events. These are Matera (Italy) and Plovdiv (Bulgaria), the two new European Capitals of Culture. The European Capital of Culture is a year-long event that celebrates diversity and culture in Europe and aims to help people discover the richness of the continent. They started in 1985 as a result of an initiative by the then Greek Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri.

In Matera, the opening celebrations took place across two days, with marching bands from many of the municipalities of the Basilicata region, performing on the streets of the town, reviving old musical traditions on an impressive scale, with each band representing a European Capital of Culture.

Plovdiv welcomed the “We Are All Colours” show, combining music, light and dance, recreating on the open stage a large and colorful metaphor of all the main themes of the programme “Plovdiv 2019” and their …

via Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] – European Parliament

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