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This is something I wish I had when I got into painting miniatures, a glossary of terms.

Like any hobby, there’s a lot of terminology involved, more than you’d think, so I’ve put together a list of those terms, what they mean, and examples of them when possible.

Not everything in the list is a painting term. Some of the things covered are painting items and tools. I felt I had to cover a few of them as they are referenced in the terms explained.

You’ll find the list is in alphabetical order. Also, there’s a handy index so you can bounce to exactly what you need.

  1. ‘eavy Metal
  2. Base Coat
  3. Battle Damage
  4. Blending
  5. Color Theory
  6. Color Wheel
  7. Contrast
  8. Dry Brushing
  9. Edge Highlighting
  10. Feathering
  11. Flow Improver
  12. Glazing
  13. Highlighting
  14. Layering
  15. Loaded Brush
  16. NMM
  17. OSL
  18. Over Brushing
  19. Paint Thinning
  20. Priming
  21. Saturation
  22. Sealer/Varnish
  23. SENMM
  24. Shading
  25. Sponging
  26. Stippling
  27. TMM
  28. Two-brush Blending
  29. Washing
  30. Weathering
  31. Wet Blending
  32. Wet Palette
  33. Zenithal Lighting

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