(EN) (PDF) – Hairdressing Training Manual | New Zealand Hair and Beauty Industry


The hairdressing qualification is made up of unit standards which cover the skills your apprentice needs to know. The manual goes through each unit standard, starting with the easiest ones and working up to harder ones. You should work through the units in the order they appear in the training manual.

You’ll also notice that the unit standards in this book are divided by year level. It should take no more than 12 months to complete the units in each year. Your apprentice must complete all the units in a year level before moving onto the next year level.

There is a glossary at the back to explain any words your apprentice doesn’t understand.

This manual contains advice on training in general, how HITO training works, and who to ask for help if you need it. This information is in the Introduction section.

Keep this manual at the salon at all times. You’ll need to refer to it often when training, and your HITO Sales and Liaison Manager may need to see it when they visit.

Hairdressing apprentices also receive a Training Record Book, which lists all the unit standards in the qualification and the skills involved. The Training Manual and the Training Record Book are used together in training.

Throughout the manual you’ll see references to some textbooks. You’ll need to purchase these textbooks or visit your local library to see if they have them.

A salon only needs one copy of this manual for all their apprentices. This manual is for the New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Professional Stylist) Level 4.

PDF file, 194 pages

via www.hito.org.nz

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