(EL) (EN) (PDF) – Μετάφραση ιατρικής ορολογίας από την Αγγλική προς την Ελληνική γλώσσα: Προβλήµατα και Στρατηγικές | Ελευθερία Φλώρου


One could say that the need of scientists for global communication, exposure of ideas and theories in a wide range and the scientific progress are closely related to the development and creation of a special scientific language widely known as “terminology”. Terminology for a specialized translator is as important as breathing for a human being. Particularly nowadays, because of the recent outstanding technological and methodological progress especially in medicine, the domain of medical translation and all fields related to this one such as the pharmaceutical one and biology are on great demand and evolution. Such an old science as medicine uses its own codes, language and, hence terminology. However, this particular field of translation requires from the part of translator high quality result and great attention because a probable verbal mistake could have fatal consequences to a human life. As it concerns the relation between the English and Greek language, the problems that are faced and the strategies that are used during the translation of medical terms from English to Greek, will be exposed in the following paper.

Keywords: medical translation, synonyms, acronyms, structure, equivalence, terminology, audience-register, neologisms.

PDF file, 7 pages

via www.frl.auth.gr

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