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Lost in Translation? A Glossary of Infertility Acronyms to Help

There’s no doubt there’s an education in store for couples who enter the world of infertility as diagnosis and treatment seem to come with their own special language. It begins with learning the basic terminology for tests and procedures you’ll discuss with your doctor. Once you’ve mastered the acronyms for the basics – like IVF – there seems to be a constant stream of new terms to learn with treatment. And, in the vibrant online forums/message boards where infertility is discussed – mostly among women – the acronyms that abound serve as short hand for common medical terms and a variety of expressions that help define the infertility journey.

In general, acronyms and abbreviations dominate in an age of texts and Twitter but dealing with infertility is challenging enough without having to google every third “word” in an online forum, blog, or column. Online message boards are a great resource for support, motivation, information and more, but sometimes you’re just looking for a fast answer to a question. That may not be possible as complex medical terminology and the time it takes to spell everything out has resulted in a dizzying array of acronyms that make you feel like you’ve arrived in a foreign country and …

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