(MULTI) – IATE term of the week: data mining | TermCoord


You have probably heard this term as it has been largely used in the media during the past few weeks, mainly in relation to the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal. So, what exactly does it mean?

Data mining is an activity which involves information extraction with the goal of discovering hidden facts contained in databases and other large sets of data. This notion was used for the first time in 1983 by the economist Michael Lovell, in an article published in the academic journal Review of Economic Studies. Previously, it had been referred to as data fishing or data dredging. More than a decade later, in 1995, the First International Conference on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery was held in Montreal, Canada. Nowadays, data mining is used in several domains including business, medicine, science and wherever digital data is …

via Terminology Coordination Unit [DGTRAD] – European Parliament


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