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(EN) – Particle Measurement Glossary | Sympatec GmbH


We develop, manufacture, sell, service and support instruments for the analysis of particle size and particle shape.

The technologies offered by Sympatec, comprising laser diffraction, image analysis, ultrasonic extinction and dynamic light scattering, largely extend the human sensorial abilities for the determination of the fineness of powders and other disperse systems. Unique feature and basis for the business success was the invention of dry dispersion, which opened a new dimension to particle size analysis in terms of speed, precision and product adaptation. Our vision of the “better particles” characterises our innovation strategy and is realised with our mission of “best instruments”. Furthermore we are the only world-wide producer of particle analysing technology in private ownership and thus independent of short- and mid-term oriented financial investors. Our focus is consequently on the requirements of your particles and processes to support you as the reliable and competent particle expert in the long run.

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