(EN) – Glossary of Canine Terms | European Bully Kennel Club


The European Bully Kennel Club writes and revises Breed Standards taking account of the advice of Breed Councils/Parent Clubs. Breed Standards are not changed lightly to avoid “changing the standard to fit the current dogs” and the health and well being of future dogs is always taken into account when new standards are prepared or existing ones altered.

The European Bully Kennel Club standards are concise, uniform in structure and provide a basic description of the perfect specimen. Positive attributes are highlighted. Faults are not usually included but are covered by the standard fault clause “Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog”.

Breed Clubs/Councils provide a fuller picture/explanation by means of illustrated standards, videos and symposia.
This Glossary of Terms provides definitions of canine terminology used in the Breed Standards. It does not intend to define general anatomical terms. Where appropriate, examples are given to direct the reader to the standards in which particular definitions occur.

via European Bully Kennel Club


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