(EN) (PDF) – On-line Publication of Court Decisions in the EU | BO-ECLI


Marc van Opijnen – Ginevra Peruginelli – Eleni Kefali – Monica Palmirani

As everywhere in society, also to the judiciary the internet has brought a revolution. Apart from the growing possibilities for on-line proceedings, by offering the opportunity to publish vast quantities of court decisions on-line, the judiciary can increase its visibility and transparency substantially.

Over the last decades, governments and judicial authorities have developed different views on the extent to which and how these opportunities for on-line publication should be utilized.

This report contains an extensive comparative research on the on-line publication of court decisions in Europe. It focusses on three main themes – policy and practices with regard to on-line publication, data protection and Open Data – and two accessory topics: citation practice and the implementation of the European Case Law Identifier.

Although some EU Member States are obviously more advanced than others, we withstood the temptation to make any ranking: not only are there substantial differences between (types of) courts within one Member State, the weighing of the many aspects involved would be very subjective and distract the attention from the many improvements that are still possible everywhere.

PDF file, 178 pages

via European Case Law Identifier (ECLI)

Shared by: From Words to Deeds

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