(MULTI) (PDF) – Travel tips: Help and advice for consumers in Europe | Directorate-General for Justice (European Commission)


Do you buy your airline tickets or book foreign hotels online? Do you go abroad for your holidays? Do you buy things while you are there? Do you rent a car in another country? If you do and if you live and travel in the EU, Iceland or Norway, then these tips are for you. Our tips sum up your rights when making a cross-border travel purchase. You enjoy these rights wherever you travel or buy in these 30 countries. If you want to know more, get in touch with your local European Consumer Centre (ECC). This ECC is part of a network (ECC-Net). The ECC-Net exists specifically to answer your questions about cross-border rights.

Available in all the official languages of the EU except Irish

PDF file, 36 pages

via EU Law and Publications


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