(TOOL) – Localization Essentials | Udacity

So, what is localization? In the world of information technology, localization means translating and adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and geographic market.

There are two main aspects to localization. The first one is stylistic: You have to make sure the language tone you use is appropriate for each local culture. There’s also a technical aspect: You may have to make changes to things like date and time formats, alphabetization, or even the direction of reading, to make them appropriate for the language you’re localizing into. So localization means more than just translating a message or text, it’s about making a whole product feel tailored to users everywhere.

This need for localized content has made the language industry the 4th fastest growing industry in the world with a global size of an estimated $40 billion. More people across the globe are coming online, and they need to be able to use technology in a language they understand. That’s what localization is all about.

via: Udacity


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