(TOOL) (PDF) – Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies: Terminology for Art, Architecture, and Other Cultural Works | Patricia Harpring

A controlled vocabulary is an information tool that contains standardized words and phrases used to refer to ideas, physical characteristics, people, places, events, subject matter, and many other concepts. Controlled vocabularies allow for the categorization, indexing, and retrieval of information. This book deals specifically with controlled vocabularies related to cultural works—products of human creativity that have visual aesthetic expression. Such vocabularies are employed with the ultimate goal of allowing cultural works, images of cultural works, and information about them to be discovered, brought together, and compared for study and appreciation.

The intended audience of this book includes students, academics, and professionals in art museums, art libraries, archives, visual resources collections, and other institutions that catalog the visual arts, architecture, and other cultural objects. The audience may include systems developers who support these communities as well as consortia or other groups attempting to compile or use vocabularies for cultural materials. The topics discussed here may also be applicable to disciplines outside the …

PDF file, 259 pages

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