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Most of these sources have a limited scope (and a basic methodology).
Eurodicautom remains the most comprehensive terminological database, but is subject to a lot of ‘interference’ (do not forget to select the appropriate subject code).


Acronyms & abbreviations : a mariner’s guide

Adventure : general sailing terminology, schooner vocabulary & dory language

At sea glossary

Boating basics glossary of terms

Chartering terms & abbreviations

Chartering terms & definitions

Definitions and mnemonics for sailors and powerboaters

Definitions of fisheries technical terms

Dictionary of sea terms (Richard H. Dana)

Glossary of maritime terms

Glossary of maritime terms

Glossary of maritime law terms

Glossary of nautical terms

Glossary of oceanography, climatology and the related geosciences with references

Glossary of sea-going terms

Glossary of shipping terms (U.S. Department of Tansportation : Maritime Administration)

Glossary of tall ship terms

International hydrofoil society glossary of hydrofoil terms

International trade & transportation glossary

Marine terms & acronyms (Marine Institute : Network of Educational Topics)

Maritime etymology

Maritime glossary (Hellenic Shipbrokers Association)

Maritime glossary (The Transportation Institute)

M.I. Link Maritime Dictionary

Maritime Terms and Definitions

Nautical expressions in the vernacular

Nautical nomenclature

Nautical words and terminology (by Peter D. Green)

Norwegian shipowners association’s dictionary

Origins of navy terminology

P.O. Nedlloyd A-Z of Shipping Terms

Practical Shipping Vocabulary

Sailing terms explained for ‘lubbers

Schooner vocabulary : sailing, schooner, boats and ship terms

Sea words : maritime glossary (Transportation Institute)

Small maritime glossary

Terms in a seaman’s dictionary: some nautical expressions explained to curious landsmen

Terrax.org’s glossary of sailing terms



Lexique des termes de marine (Glossaire des termes courants de vocabulaire maritime, École navale et Groupe écoles du Poulmic, édition 1977)


Códigos náuticos : glosario

Vocabulario de términos marinos

English – French

Dictionnaire anglais – français de la navigation maritime

English-French sailing dictionary

English – Italian

Dizionario dei termini nautici – Nautical terms dictionary

English – Spanish

Vocabulario del windsurfista

English – Russian

Maritime abbreviations

English – French – Spanish

IOC/UNESCO List of Ocean related Titles and Acronyms

International Hydrographic Dictionary

French – English – German – Spanish

Dictionnaire de l’océan

English – Polish – German – Italian – French

Windsurf dictionary

German – Dutch – English – French

Encyclopedia of Inland Navigation

Japanese – English – Spanish – French

Comprehensive ocean dictionary

Portuguese – Spanish – French – English

Dicionário de termos náuticos

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