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From May 2017, you can discover the following improvements and corrections:

1. Document view

  • A new Follow this document RSS feature has been made available in the document view. By subscribing to it, users are notified every time there are changes such as amendments to or case-law affecting this document, as well as new consolidated versions of it.
  • For documents from the JURE collection (national case law concerning jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters), the Instruments involved section under the Relationship between documents heading has been expanded with information about the specific articles or other subparts concerned.
  • Also a new section — Other EU instruments cited — has been created, containing all references to EU legislation and case-law mentioned in the national judgment.

2. Advanced search

  • The Instruments involved part of the JURE search form has been adjusted to allow restricting the search to specific articles of the governing conventions and regulations.
  • The Text search heading has been adapted to better reflect that searching is available only by title for the collections National transposition measures, National case-law and Legislative procedures.
  • The Procedure reference heading of the Legislative procedures search form has been adapted to allow searching for references where the number is followed by a letter, e.g. 2011/0901A/COD.

3. Results list

  • The Latest consolidated version link in the metadata under the result has been adjusted to only be displayed whenever a consolidation relevant for the displayed user interface language exists.
  • A filter has been added to the Change displayed metadata feature so it is easier for you to find your way through the richness of metadata.
  • New filters have been added to the case-law collection whereby you can refine your searches by originating country/organisation, defendant and/or applicant parties.

4. Legislative procedures

  • The metadata present underneath the timeline has been enriched to indicate the type of competence given to the EU for each procedure displayed.

5. Summaries of EU legislation

  • A See also section has been added underneath the summary topics with suggestions about related content that might be of interest.

6. My EUR-Lex

  • The folders and documents saved in your My items space are now ordered by descending date of modification for an easier overview.
  • Users who have set their preferred languages for multilingual display in their search profile will notice that the Multilingual display link has been activated for all documents saved in the My items folders.

via: EU law – EUR-Lex


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