(EN) – Steel Glossary | Modersohn

Development, planning and production of special parts

  • Product development, engineering, commercial products and production of special parts, all from a single source.
  • Perfect in the processing of stainless steel, as well as custom productions from small to medium batches.
  • Extremely flexible organisation which enables very short delivery deadlines for custom productions.
  • High-quality delivery service with very good product consulting and quality.
  • Extensive inventory of standard parts, dowels, sheets, strips and long products made of stainless steel.
  • Above average material expertise in stainless steel. Particularly fast access to alternative materials made of stainless steel and product approvals in each individual case.
  • Reliable competence in the calculation of façade fixings, even with finite elements.
  • Quick access times to the results of material and product testing.
  • From X-ray fluorescence testing in-house, or corrosion performance tests at the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research, Berlin) or mechanical tests in various partner laboratories.
  • Flexible machines that process stainless steel in sheet processing from 0.5 to 110 mm material thickness.
  • Extensive surface machining equipment, such as pickling, abrasive blasting, surface grinding, body grinding, deburring etc.

via: Modersohn – Stainless Steel


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