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Few people have appreciation for the pure joy of flight. Private flyers share a secret knowledge that even the most routine trip in the sky imparts sensations of the highest order. Indeed, the world seems horizontal and dull when perceived through flight-intensified senses.

For pilots, all events on the ground are parenthetical. Even a fabulous banquet, say, or a first-rate musical performance or an acclaimed theatrical production — any event that might hold significance for others merely fills the time until we can go flying again.

Individual access to the sky is almost uniquely an American privilege — an American privilege in decline. The numbers all say so (see AOPA Statistical Reference Guide) — the quantity of airplanes made and flights flown year by year, insurance rates and operating costs, airports by the dozens converted to shopping malls in communities all over the country, stressed-out procedures aloft and on the ground, public skies increasingly dominated by commercial air carriers crammed with disgruntled passengers.

Tyranny of the Majority, the historic menace to diversity and individual expression, now besets airplanes and their pilots. Poorly informed by a populist press, multitudes embrace vulgar myths about the sky. Some would welcome the demise of …

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