(EN) – Soil Terminology and Definitions | Ohio State University

James Hoorman, Randall Reeder, Alan Sundermeier, and Rafiq Islam, Ohio State University ExtensionIrfan Aziz, Assistant Professor, University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi, PakistanThe increasing use of conservation tillage, no-till, and cover crops is changing the way we view the soil and the environment. New concepts and terminology are being used to describe these changes. Understanding the terms defined in this fact sheet will help farmers understand relationships between tillage, crop rotation, cover crops, carbon sequestration, organic matter pool, agricultural sustainability, and soil and water quality.Sustainable agriculture and soil quality are terms that are increasingly important to modern farming. With higher costs for labor, seed, fuel, fertilizer, and pesticides, agricultural producers are looking for more economical ways to improve crop production and maintain ecosystem sustainability.One of the goals of sustainable agriculture is to work with the natural cycles of the terrestrial ecosystems, especially with the soil biology to enhance the efficiency of agricultural management practices. The terms below are used to describe these biologically efficient and economically viable agricultural production systems. The terms are listed in alphabetical order.

via: Ohio State University

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