(EN) – App Glossary, Dictionary and Acronym Reference for Mobile App Development | Mark Nagelmann

I know how frustrating it can be to read articles from TechCrunch or Forbes and feel completely lost.  It is important as developers that we set aside time to improve our app IQ and stay current in this fast paced industry.But if you’re like me and spend more time in Wikipedia looking up terms than reading about the mobile market – it can feel like a losing battle.A peer of mine (who is consistently on the Top Charts) reached out in a large forum on Bluecloud Select and stated his frustration when it comes to app lingo.  To my surprise SEVERAL others also commented on the thread that they too have trouble with app terminology.After doing some research I noticed there isn’t a quality app glossary out there, so I decided to do something about it.  The good news is, these terms are for the most part very straightforward and you don’t need a bachelors degree in Computer Science to grasp the definition.

via: Bluecloud Solutions

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