(EN) (PDF) – Safety glossary: terminology used in nuclear safety and radiation protection, 2007 edition | IAEA

In developing and establishing standards of safety for protecting people
and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation and for the
safety of facilities and activities that give rise to radiation risks, clear
communication on scientific and technical concepts is essential. The principles, requirements and recommendations that are established and explained in the IAEA’s safety standards and elaborated upon in other publications must be clearly expressed. To this end, this Safety Glossary defines and explains technical terms used in IAEA safety standards and other safety related publications, and provides information on their usage. The primary purpose of the Safety Glossary is to harmonize terminology
and usage in the IAEA safety standards for protecting people and the
environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation, and in their
application. Once definitions of terms have been established, they are, in
general, intended to be observed in safety standards and other safety related
publications and in the work of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and
Security generally. The achievement of consistently high quality in its publications contributes to the authority and credibility of the IAEA, and thus to its influence and effectiveness. High quality in publications and documents is achieved not only by review to ensure that the relevant requirements are met, but also by managing their preparation so as to achieve high quality in their drafting. The Safety Glossary provides guidance primarily for the drafters and reviewers of safety standards, including IAEA technical officers and consultants and bodies for the endorsement of safety standards. The Safety Glossary is also a source of information for users of IAEA safety standards and other safety and security related IAEA publications and for other IAEA staff — notably writers, editors, translators, revisers and interpreters. Users of the Safety Glossary, in particular drafters of national legislation, should be aware that the terms included have been chosen and the definitions and explanations given have been drafted for the purpose mentioned above. Terminology and usage may differ in other contexts, such as in binding international legal instruments and in the publications of other organizations. It is recognized that the Safety Glossary will be of wider interest, and it is therefore now issued as an IAEA publication. It is intended to issue a CD-ROM that will include this Safety Glossary (2007 Edition) and versions of the publication in the other five official languages of the IAEA: Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. These other five versions will also be made available for downloading from the Safety Glossary web …

PDF file, 238 pages

via: Google Drive

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