(CAT) – Out with the old… in with the new! | Paul Filkin

Although I’m not part of the core support team anymore the knowledgebase has always been something that held a particular interest for me.  When I joined SDL in 2006 we had two knowledgebase systems, each integrated into the support systems that were being used at the time.  These were Salesforce and RightNow Technologies.  The first big change I was involved in with regard to systems was moving the support teams onto one ticketing system and one knowledgebase.  We wanted Salesforce as the ticketing system as it gave good visibility into the tickets being raised to everyone at SDL because Salesforce was being used as the CRM tool of choice.  But in those days the knowledgebase component wasn’t great, so we adopted a new system.  The system we chose was Talisma.Over the next years SDL acquired several new businesses, all of which came with their own support systems and their own knowledgebases.  Everyone loves their own systems, especially the smaller companies with light and modern ways of doing things, but the needs of SDL to have one system for all customers had to take precedence.  In addition to this the budgetary restrictions on the purchase and rollout of a new system also played a part, so the support systems underwent another big change and were all rolled into one using BMC… I’m pretty sure …

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