(EN) – Know Your Garage Door System: Garage Door Terminology Explained | Upright Door Service

How much do you know about your garage door system?

Did you know, on average, a garage door opens and shuts 1500 times each year? That on average a garage door is raised and lowered approximately 4-6 times a day? That it’s actually the torsion spring which does the heavy lifting of a garage door, and not the opener?Or how about this sobering fact?

If a garage door or operator system is improperly installed or adjusted, it can exert a formidable amount of force when the door closes, and subsequently could cause injury, entrapment, damage or worse. Most of us don’t put much thought into the mechanics and individual parts that make it possible for the garage door to open and close at our bidding. However, we might find ourselves suddenly interested in knowing a little more about the door system if it stopped working and needed to be repaired!

via: Upright Door Service – Uxbridge, Ontario

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