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No matter how much the fashion keeps evolving, Skirts have always been a cornerstone in the apparel industry. A skirt is a highly flexible choice when it comes to choosing the right outfit for the day and provide you looks ranging from the most professional to the casual ones. Since Skirts are available in a variety of styles and lengths, these have become one of the most popular items in any average wardrobe. If you choose the right skirt with the right style for your body type you can have a wide range of looks reedy out there for you within the collection of your wardrobe.

31 Types of Skirt Patterns List

  1. A-Line skirt
  2. Asymmetrical Skirt
  3. Bell Shaped Skirt
  4. Bubble Skirt
  5. Bustle Skirt
  6. Broomstick Skirt
  7. Circular Skirt
  8. Denim Skirt
  9. Dirndl Skirt
  10. Draped Skirt
  11. Flared Skirt
  12. Godet Skirt
  13. Gored Skirt
  14. Gypsy/Tiered Skirt
  15. High-Waisted Skirt
  16. Layered Skirt
  17. Maxi Skirt
  18. Mermaid/Fishtail Skirt
  19. Mini and Micromini Skirts
  20. Peasant Skirt
  21. Pencil/Tube Skirt
  22. Pleated Skirt
  23. Poodle Skirt
  24. Sarong Skirt
  25. Skater Skirt
  26. Skorts Skirt
  27. Straight Skirt
  28. Trouser Skirt
  29. Tulip Skirt
  30. Tutu Skirt
  31. Wrap Skirt

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Shared by Yuliya Tsimashenka  on Translators Fashion, Cosmetics & Beauty


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