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An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees
Une introduction illustrée à l’Europe pour les migrants et les réfugiés
راهنمای مصور اروپا برای مهاجران و پناه جويان
الدليل المصور للمهاجرين والجئ أوروبا

This book was initiated by a group of photographers and journalists who have been covering both the refugee crisis in Europe and the many contexts across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa that gave rise to these migrations. With front row seats to the challenges being faced by these newly arrived people, we were struck by the utility of information that a book like this could provide. The text is intended for a general readership and is written in four languages: Arabic, Farsi, English, and French. It aims to introduce newcomers to the motivations behind the creation of the European Union, how it developed, its current ethos, and the relevant debates that will determine its future. A note on vocabulary: “Refugee” and “migrant” are not interchangeable terms. Refugees are people who are fleeing armed conflict or persecution. Because it is too dangerous for them to return to their home countries, they need refuge elsewhere. Migrants are people who choose to move not because they face direct threats of persecution or death but mainly because they want to improve their lives for work, education, family reunion, or other reasons. If migrants choose to …

PDF file, 296 pages

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