(AR) (PDF) – A Dictionary of Islamic Terms and Brief Notes on Writing and Publishing about Islam | Syed Sajid Ahmad


With the advent of home computer, and consequentially that of “home publishing,” there has been a marked increase in publication of books on Islam by amateurs. The tasks which were accomplished by trained and experienced typesetters, kātibs, and proof readers are now in the hands of you and I who are trying to figure out how to do this and that. This has given rise to non-uniformities especially in transliteration. Mostly we do things by intuition and lose sight of the principles of putting books together developed painstakingly by professional publishers thus causing mostly confusion and sometimes chaos in conveying our ideas meticulously: the idea is conveyed but not very precisely and professionally. Additionally, most of these writers are full-time workers and publishing is either a hobby or necessity imposed by need and therefore they do not have enough time to research each aspect of writing. I have put together some of the aspects of compiling an article, a publication or even a book. I am confident that this treatise will help clarify many basic aspects of such chores and will produce well written and well laid out publications about Islām.

PDF file, 38 pages

via: www.ansarusa.org

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