(EN) (PDF) – Containerized Docker Applications Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform | Cesar de la Torre


We have a new free ebook to share! This ebook, Containerized Docker Applications Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform, by Cesar de la Torre, was published by the Microsoft DevDiv team. Cesar has previously written for Microsoft Press, so we’re helping spread the word about his new ebook. Enjoy!

Contents at a glance

Section 1: Summary
Section 2: Introduction to containers and Docker
Section 3: Introduction to the Docker application lifecycle
Section 4: Introduction to the Microsoft platform and tools for containerized applications
Section 5: Architecting and developing containerized applications with Docker and Azure
Section 6: Docker application DevOps workflow with Microsoft tools
Section 7: Running, managing and monitoring Docker production environments
Section 8: Conclusions


Enterprises are increasingly adopting containers. The enterprise is realizing the benefits of cost savings, solution to deployment problems, and DevOps and production operations improvements that containers provide. Over the last years, Microsoft has been rapidly releasing container innovations to the Windows and Linux ecosystems – partnering with industry leaders like Docker and Mesosphere to deliver container solutions that help companies build and deploy applications at cloud speed and …

PDF file, 60 pages

via Microsoft Press blog


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