(TOOL) – Project management, invoicing and CV software for freelance translators | Yauhen Kuchynski


Windows and online accounting, project management, invoicing and CV generation software for freelance translators.

Welcome to BaccS – application for freelancers and individuals, which allows to track projects, manage invoices, print quotes, create custom invoice templates, generate a batch of different reports, generate CV and control current state of your freelance translation business. One of the main reasons to create this software was my love to programming, so with the beginning of translation career in 2009 I’ve started to develop this software. First version was done very quickly, and allowed me just to track deadlines and issue invoices. Then started to add more and more features, intended to help me to solve questions met in everyday’s work. I’ve added default settings for the customers (including date of contact, default rates, invoicing requirements), balance statement report to reconcile jobs and payments, different reports to show performance for any period of time, time tracking features, etc. Then the time has come for the individual planner and CV generator. The first helped to control workload, while the second allowed to automate such a boring operation like updating of the …

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