(EN) (PDF) – Ophthalmology Glossary | Ethiopia Public Health Training Initiative


The  eye  is  the  most  amazing  and  complex  structure  in  the  body  .The  two eyes provide about half the total sensory input from the entire body into the brain. The eye is sensitive to trauma, infection or inflammation that may end up  in  blindness.  Just  as  the  blind  spot  is  neglected  by  the  brain,  about 45million people in the world who are blind are largely neglected by medical science  and  technology,  and  by  the  caring  professionals;  of  this  80%  is preventable. The situation in Ethiopia is similar with prevalence of blindness being  about  1.5%  and  an  estimated  around  1.05  million  blind  people. Blindness has, directly or indirectly, social as well as economical impact. The causes are multifactorial. In order to address these multifactorial causes, all rounded and effective approach is needed. Above  all  there  are  few  ophthalmologists  and  other  ophthalmic  workers  in relation  to  population.  So  the  need  for  skilled  man-  power  that  will  involve specially at preventable level is undoubted. For this, problem oriented training is mandatory in order to overcome ophthalmic health problems in the country. The care taker should be aware of its sensitivity. This can be done by …

PDF file, 92 pages

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Shared by Andrew Bell on the Medical Translators FB Group

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