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A Tolkien English Glossary

A Guide to Old, Uncommon and Archaic Words used in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

The book is intended to be a quick reference guide for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, where old, uncommon and archaic words can be quickly looked up and their meaning made clear, either during the reading of the text or ahead of time, chapter by chapter without the cumbersome task looking up each word and finding the correct meaning as one comes across it.

The idea for the book came about while reading The Lord of the Rings. I had read it many times before when I was younger, but this time, I wanted to slowly savor the text. What I found was that I had to keep stopping because I ran across old, uncommon and archaic words that I did not fully understand, interrupting the flow of the text. In looking up the words, I could not just use any pocket dictionary, as most of the words I was looking for were nowhere to be found in a little book like this. I finally settled on an old, three-volume dictionary published in the 20’s that contained the words I was looking for, together with their correct (I presume) meanings as used in The Lord of the Rings. Still, I was wishing that I could find a complete list of all of the archaic and, uncommon words already available, easy to look up, chapter by chapter. Unfortunately, I found none to my liking. Those I found, had such short, non-descriptive definitions, that they left me wanting. Other words, I could not find at all. I also found out that even though a word was used again later in …

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