(EN) (PDF) – Illustrated Glossary of Textile Terms for Composites | Christopher M. Pastore


This glossary has been developed in response to the need for better communication between textile manufacturers and composites engineers. The need for such a glossary has been under discussion for some time, and at a recent workshop on process control of textile composites held at NASA Langley, one of the principal action items identified was the creation of such a document. The need became apparent in this workshop which included both textile and aircraft manufacturers, when the difficulty in precise communication became obvious. The terms in this glossary are those commonly used by the textile industry, and unlikely to be familiar to those educated in engineering and science. To ensure that a full range of terminology was employed, several sources were employed. Traditional textile dictionaries and textbooks, as well as terminology documents prepared by various government and industrial agencies were used as the starting point. Based on these documents, a rough draft was created and sent to a number of people working in the general area of textile composites (Appendix A). The industrial and government participants gave their feedback to the the document and this was incorporated into the final text.

PDF file, 34 pages

via ntrs.nasa.gov


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