(EN) (PDF) – A Glossary of Literary Terms | M. H. Abrams


This book defines and discusses terms, critical theories, and points of view that are commonly used to classify, analyze, interpret, and write the history of works of literature. The individual entries, together with the guides to further reading included in most of them, are oriented especially toward undergraduate students of English, American, and other literatures. Over the decades, however, they have proved to be a useful work of reference also for advanced students, as well as for the general reader with literary interests. The Glossary presents a series of succinct essays in the alphabetic order of the title word or phrase. Terms that are related but subsidiary, or that designate subclasses, are treated under the title heading of the primary or generic term; also, words that are commonly used in conjunction or as mutually defining contraries (distance and involvement, empathy and sympathy, narrative and narratology) are discussed in the same entry. The alternative organization of a literary handbook as a dictionary of terms, defined singly, makes dull reading and requires excessive repitition and cross-indexing; it may also be misleading, because the use and application of …

PDF file, 386 pages

via: www.ohio.edu

Shared by Dario Giuseppe on the Glossarisimo! FB Group


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